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Solving developer turnover: ABB's success story

ABB teamed up with Integrify to solve its developer retention issue, ensuring a constant supply of skilled developers for its ABB Ability™ History product development. These new developers have quickly become part of the team, ensuring productive contributions with their willingness to learn. This collaboration helps ABB keep talented staff and continue innovating.

ABB is a leading global technology company that specializes in electrification, robotics, automation, and motion, dedicated to driving innovation and digital transformation in industries worldwide. One part of their offering is ABB Ability™ History, a comprehensive data management platform designed to collect, contextualize, and integrate industrial data across various applications. It supports enhanced production efficiency and asset utilization. Its integration capabilities with other systems enable holistic operational insights.

The team working with ABB Ability™ History faced ongoing challenges with developer retention. The developers were constantly looking for better opportunities, making sustained product development a challenge. The team needed motivated and committed individuals who were willing to engage with our product development over the long term. With the help of Integrify Academy, the team has successfully hired five developers to ensure efficient product development.

“The "Try & Hire" model offered by Integrify has brought much-needed flexibility to our recruitment process. Developers coming through the Integrify Academy have proven to be extremely eager to learn and motivated. They are interactive, fit well into teamwork environments, and are open to seeking help and sharing knowledge. They possess a clear understanding of their skills and limitations, which is essential for effective collaboration and project success. With Integrify’s consultation services we have been able to minimize retention.” says Mika ABB Global Product Manager

ABB is an ideal environment for developers who are passionate about their personal and professional growth. ABB truly values learning and development. They not only inspire me to expand my knowledge but also equip me with the necessary resources. They empower me to face challenges with confidence, ensuring that I am never without guidance or support. My efforts are always acknowledged, and I receive regular, insightful feedback.

Moreover, the company offers a steep learning curve, exposing its employees to cutting-edge technologies. This makes it a perfect place for those who wish to stay ahead in the tech world.” Says Nabeela Samsi one of Integrify's Software Developers at ABB

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