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Tietoevry hires a tested and trained Integrify developer for their B2B project

Integrify partnered with Tietoevry - one of the leading digital services and software companies serving thousands of enterprise and public sector customers in more than 90 countries.

The challenge

  • Software developers are often needed on short notice
  • Tietoevry projects are typically long-lasting with many of them stretching over several years which means that developers need to be reliable and committed
  • It is time-consuming to test, validate, and choose the best junior candidates

The solution

  • Integrify provides a pool of the most recent graduates who are ready to join a company as soon as the following week
  • All our developers have high motivation and a strong desire to learn - which are both prerequisites to being accepted into the program
  • We have a rigorous selection process accepting only the top 5% into the programs and testing the best candidates continuously throughout the studies
  • We handpick and train the most talented and highly educated Software Developers and Data Experts through our advanced programs

Why did Tietoevry partner with Integrify?

Tietoevry chose Integrify to help them find a software developer for their CEM (Customer Experience Management) unit. Jani Partanen, UX Lead at Tietoevry, shared his experience working with Integrify, stating:

“At Tietoevry, we often need software developers on very short notice. We also know that all Integrify developers go through pretty intensive technical training, therefore Integrify is a really good choice for us.”

He adds “Additionally, we’ve seen that foreign software developers that have moved to Finland are usually highly motivated. And motivation is an extremely welcome characteristic for developers.”

Tietoevry placed their new hire to work on a B2B e-commerce project for a large manufacturing company. The project team consisted of 5-10 people, including a technical architect, a backend developer, several front-end developers, AMS, and a project manager. The tech stack used includes SAP Hybris, JQuery, Less, JSP, and Java.

"The developer that we hired from Integrify has been working on a B2B e-commerce project. Typically our projects at Tietoevry are quite huge and long-lasting, therefore they are usually completed within several years. We also provide our developers with the opportunity to change the project in case they are willing to do so,” says Partanen.

The lucky candidate was Dita Jadava with a Bachelor’s degree from Daugavpils University in Latvia, and several years of frontend development studies from various coding bootcamps focusing on JavaScript, React.js, and Web Accessibility. At Integrify Academy, Dita excelled in React.js and Redux and added backend development to her portfolio by mastering Node.js and Express. She has been one of our best students with unmatched dedication and great soft skills, so Integrify was confident in recommending her to Tietoevry. 

When asked about her experience studying at Integrify and landing a job at Tietoevry, Dita said:

”Making a change and joining Integrify Academy was a big turning point in my life. I have to admit that it was hard work from the very beginning, however, Integrify helped me to land my dream job at Tietoevry - and for this, I am forever grateful.”

Is your company next?

Our try & hire model helps companies of various sizes find and hire reliable tech talent within days. In addition, our clients can also count on us providing full talent pipeline for any future recruitment needs, if necessary.

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