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Our manifesto

We exist to change what’s next for the coders and companies of the world.

Coding is a powerful tool. It gives us the ability to build what’s around us. Everything you see from websites to launching rockets into space.

But coding needs re-coding. Barriers stand in the way between the next all-star coder and their dream gig. Background, economic status, education, or outdated stereotypes are often seen as limits.

We’re here to change the coding game. We make the experience more accessible, practical, effective, and impactful for coders to train and companies to recruit. Connecting top-notch talent with ambitious companies to unlock better futures.

Let’s change what’s next.

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Why Integrify

Work in a fast-paced tech environment

Combine high-growth startup atmosphere with meaningful social goals.

Have a lasting impact on people’s lives with your work

Help people rewrite their future.  

Develop your professional skills

Learn by doing and dedicate 8 hours every month on your individual learning goals.

Be part of a great community

Collaborate and build relationships with a bunch of amazing, ambitious, diverse, supportive and caring people who all share the same mission.

Take advantage of the career growth opportunities

Showcase your skills and take on new responsibilities as the company grows. Co-create an exciting career path together with your team lead.  

Have fun with your teammates

Take part in various team activities such as team days, Friday Brekkies, after-work runs and regular office parties as well as spontaneous Friday drinks.

Work flexibly

Join the office at a central location in Kamppi at least twice per week and choose where to work from for the remaining 3 days.

Why we love to work at Integrify

“The people that work at Integrify are an absolutely amazing bunch. We have an incredible mission that all of us are passionate about, we grow together and celebrate together.“

Mariia Siniagina
Head of Marketing

“I get to work with a talented diverse team on a meaningful mission – together. Integrify’s growth ensures that opportunities to take ownership & new responsibilities often emerge. Even the most junior colleagues own their work & results.”

Rasmus Halme

“What makes me excited is that I have a chance to be part of our students' journey and help them change their lives.”

Yazan Alhalabi
Senior Instructor & Supporting Instructor Lead

Our core principles

While there’s no one template for success, people at Integrify share four beliefs that help make our ambitious vision a reality. 

1. We obsess over the customer

We insist on the highest standards. We truly are in the same boat with all our students and companies - their win is our success. 

2. We are a champion of team spirit

We achieve more when we collaborate and work together.

3. We take ownership

Leaders never say ‘that’s not my job’. Be a leader - own it and grow it.

4. We build for the future

Learn, be curious and stay innovative.

Interested in joining our team?

We would be happy to discuss available job opportunities at Integrify and explore your career aspirations.

You can contact us at [email protected]

Reija Oksanen

People & HR Lead

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can always reach out to us at

What’s the best way to apply for a position at Integrify?

It’s great to see you here! Once you’ve found an interesting position kindly reach out to Reija, at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch!

I don’t have a work permit to work in Finland, can I still apply for a position?

We’re an international and diverse company based in Finland. Integrify, as an employer, is however required to ensure that our employees have a residence permit entitling them to work in Finland. Therefore, a precondition for employment at Integrify is that the employee has a right to work in Finland. The right to work in Finland can be based on:
a) Citizenship of the Nordic countries, Member States of the EU, Liechtenstein or Switzerland
b) A valid work permit with the grounds for the right to work in Finland.

Thus, we can only proceed with candidates who have a right to work in Finland. Please note that, unfortunately, we’re unable to sponsor work visas.

What kind of flexibility does Integrify offer?

We strongly believe that by working side by side, we can bring our unique skills, perspectives and ideas to the table to create an environment of positivity and progress.

We have amazing, talented and caring people in the team and we want to show the world what we’re capable of by working together as teamwork is the key to success.
Our hybrid work policy aims to ensure fairness, collaboration, and productivity as employees move back and forth between the office and working from home. We want to provide the opportunity for our people to work as they see the best fit for them while laying down some ground rules to ensure we’re taking advantage of the various  benefits of working side by side.

We’re also following flexible working hours. Flexible working hours allow employees to choose, within certain limits, the start and end times of their workdays themselves. Flexible working hours provide the opportunity for our people to work as they see the best fit for them keeping in mind that our priority is always the stakeholders we work with. At the end of the day, we’re here to help people change their lives!

Will I have proper onboarding?

We’ve invested a lot of time and effort into the hiring process and we’ve now found an amazing new colleague, you!

Now it’s time to successfully onboard you to the team and organisation! Onboarding is the process in which our new employees get acquainted with their role, their team, and the organisation. We made efforts to create an effective onboarding plan that aims to help our new employees become part of the organisation, get to know people and ace in their roles.

Don’t worry, you might feel baffled by the amount of information and new faces. It’s natural to feel a bit overwhelmed at the beginning, we’ve all been there and the team is truly here to support you along the way!