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Integrify is a high-growth tech company with a social mission at its heart. Since 2016, we have upskilled over 1000+ international tech talents across Europe and helped them kick-start their future-proof careers.

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"Integrify was founded for the sole purpose of changing what’s next for people who deserve a shot at a better future through education.

In essence, Integrify is removing barriers to enter into technology work and thus enabling people to flourish and build over generational social capital.

After educating the first thousand hungry learners, we are striving to expand our reach and impact for the next 10 000 people."

Daniel Rahman


Our manifesto

We exist to change what’s next for the coders and companies of the world.

Coding is a powerful tool. It gives us the ability to build what’s around us. Everything you see from websites to launching rockets into space.

But coding needs re-coding. Barriers stand in the way between the next all-star coder and their dream gig. Background, economic status, education, or outdated stereotypes are often seen as limits.

We’re here to change the coding game. We make the experience more accessible, practical, effective, and impactful for coders to train and companies to recruit. Connecting top-notch talent with ambitious companies to unlock better futures.

Let’s change what’s next.

Our story

Integrify was founded in 2016 as a result of frustration over the untapped potential of highly-educated underemployed international talent living in Finland. The idea was simple - identify and teach motivated people meritocratic programming skills and connect them with work in Finnish tech companies. 

Already during the first years, it was clear that there was a huge demand for alternative paths to employment. People trusted us and joined our programs with the majority of them starting to work as developers right after graduation. In addition, it became evident that the market lacked senior developers, prompting companies to seek a more streamlined and reliable way to recruit junior and mid-level developers. Integrify offered a safe solution for them: trained and tested tech talent ready to hit the ground running.

In 2020, during the global pandemic, Integrify transformed from a 100% classroom-based Academy into a fully remote training institution while simultaneously opening Digital Campuses in 4 new countries in Europe. The biggest victory was that even during the lockdown, we were able to ensure that over 80% of our graduates landed jobs in tech. 

In early 2023, Integrify reached a significant milestone of having trained over 1000 software developers and data experts from over 50 countries. We also introduced three new programs to match the evolving job-market demand. And as the demand for tech talent grows, so will Integrify. 

Meet some of the people whose lives we’ve changed

Anh Duc Thai

“Integrify has paved a very clear, shining and amazing path for young, passionate software developers who are ready to put in the hard work to achieve their dreams. Without Integrify Academy, I wouldn’t have landed the job I did.”

- Anh Duc Thai, Junior Software Engineer at Telia

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Gideon Nimoh

“Joining Integrify was a great decision because it not only helped me make use of my development skills but also provided training on relevant soft skills that are very important to land a job.”

- Gideon Nimoh, Associate | Frontend/Full-stack Developer at PWC

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Stefan Georgiev

“The best part of the program was the opportunity for personal growth and mindset transformation in just five months.”

- Stefan Georgiev, Student Software Developer at Plan2learn

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Shaiful Alam

“I’d definitely recommend Integrify Academy. This is the best place to gather and complete the required toolset in the market. Most importantly, Integrify gives you recommendations that help the employer believe in you.”

- Shaiful Alam, Junior Software Developer at Landis+Gyr

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Rizwan Kabir

“Integrify has given me the confidence I lacked. The instructors were fantastic and extremely helpful. The career service was excellent.”

- Rizwan Kabir, Developer at Fashion Digital GmbH & Co

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Pasang Sherpa

“Instructors at Integrify are highly skilled and helpful. I was quite excited about collaborating in groups to solve problems. For me, the reward was to see myself as a better coder than before in terms of writing quality code.”

- Pasang Sherpa, Software developer at Unikie

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Balazs Hoffmann

“The instructors are an up-to-date and reliable source for developing yourself. They are professionals with so much patience. Without Integrify Academy I wouldn’t have found a new job.”

- Balazs Hoffmann, Data Engineer at Enexis Groep

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Harini Praveen

“The best part of studying at Integrify was the numerous challenging assignments that were given to us at the end of each topic. This helped me build my portfolio to showcase my coding skills and my knowledge.”

- Harini Praveen, Junior Data Analyst at Landis+Gyr

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