Whistleblowing channel

Integrify’s Whistleblowing channel is a secure, confidential, and anonymous platform that allows employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders to report any misconduct, violations of company policies, or any behavior that goes against our values. The reporting channel is managed by Trusty AG and is hosted on secure external servers.
Report a concern

What to report

You can use our whistleblowing channel to report any concerns related to:

  • Financial misconduct
  • Fraud or embezzlement
  • Harassment or discrimination
  • Violations of company policies
  • Environmental or safety hazards
  • Unethical behavior

How to report

Visit our Whistleblowing channel and follow the instructions to submit your report. You can choose to remain anonymous, and your report will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Our commitment

We take all reports seriously and are committed to addressing any issues promptly and effectively.
Thank you for your commitment to our values and the well-being of our organization!

Is Integrify Academy for beginners?

Our Full Stack programs in Finland are intensive and rather advanced. You are a perfect fit if you have a passion for programming, good Github portfolio, active coding experience, and relevant education background.

How long does the program last?

Our programs typically last 4 to 5 months and include a Front-end module, Back-end module, Introduction to DevOps, as well as a Cloud module with basic official certification.

How much time do I need to reserve per week?

Our programs consist of remote lectures held in the morning during the workdays (i.e. Monday to Friday), which requires between 15 to 20 hours of attendance per week, excluding self-study and assignments. In addition, our students receive one-on-one support in their job-seeking activities, interview preparations, and portfolio building. The exact workload will be different for each individual student.

Can I (continue to) receive unemployment benefits during the training?

The decision is made by TE-office on a case by case basis. Please contact TE-office for more details.

Where do your training materials come from?

All of our training materials are developed in-house. Our technical curricula are constructed by our team of expert developers with decades of combined industry experience who, themselves, have previously gone through programs at Integrify Academy. Our career support materials are designed by our Career Growth Specialists, who have successfully supported hundreds of students to land jobs in the field.

What’s the teaching format like?

All our programs are completely online with daily live lectures. Lectures are hosted through Zoom, and communications between students with Integrify and each other are primarily done through Slack. Our Instructors and Teaching Assistants will also be conducting code reviews through GitHub. 

Can I join on a part-time basis or in the evenings?

Our programs are fast-paced and intensive, and we do require regular attendance to keep up with the curriculum. As the remote lectures are held during the mornings, availability during that time is a prerequisite for being selected. Furthermore, as you are studying in a cohort, some group work may be scheduled during the times that are not subject to change for individual students. However, under exceptional circumstances, you can discuss with our Instructors and Community Specialists the possibility to arrange a more flexible study plan for you.

What if I get a job during the program?

Every student will have a 2-week probation period at the start of the program, when they can leave the program at no cost. After the probation period ends students are obliged to adhere to the terms and conditions of the contract. We instruct our students to be transparent about potential career opportunities. If you get a job during the program without Integrify’s consent, you will be obliged to cover the tuition fee in full (9900€).

Can I take some time off for health, family, or work-related reasons?

Our team understands that there are situations in life where you may need to take a break from studies. If that’s the case, please reach out to us to discuss how we can adjust the study plan to work around your personal circumstances.