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Digia’s MOST Digital team solved a tech talent shortage via Integrify’s Try & Hire

The partnership between Digia’s MOST Digital team and Integrify addresses recruitment challenges by providing proactive tech talents with rare skill sets.

Digia's MOST Digital team specializes in Robotics as a Service solutions for business process automation, built on an open-source platform. The team, composed of 30 developers, thrives in a youthful, small-group environment that empowers significant individual impact. Despite its small size, the team benefits from the knowledge of over 1,500 experienced professionals and robust processes at Digia. This support combines the agility of a startup with the stability and resources of a large enterprise, offering the best of both worlds.

The MOST Digital team selected Integrify for its ability to accurately validate candidates with the specific skills needed, especially for junior roles. They had also experienced positive outcomes from previous partnerships with Integrify.

“Integrify developers have impressed me with their proactive attitudes and quick learning abilities, essential for managing specialized tasks from the start. They have also taken on client-facing roles, enhancing project delivery by integrating technical insights early in discussions. Integrify’s developers have integrated well into Digia, introducing effective new practices in client communication and taking initiative in project discussions, adding value to the team’s output. Working with Integrify aligns with Digia’s goal of internationalization and supports our mission to enhance diversity and inclusion.” Says Henri Paulamäki Lead developer of MOST Digital

By incorporating global talent, Digia broadens its technical expertise and fosters an inclusive environment that reflects its values, sustainable business model, and strategy.

“It has been a great company to launch my career at. I'm encouraged to work independently while receiving valuable support, guidance, and feedback,” says Pavla Oubret Software Robotics Developer. 

This partnership showcases how strategic collaboration can address recruitment challenges, enrich team culture, and support a company's broader goals. Integrify Academy, with its rigorous selection and upskilling processes, plays a key role in these successes, underscoring the value of such partnerships in the tech industry.

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