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Integrify provided Digia with 5 junior developers for their customer projects

Integrify partnered with Digia to provide their team with five junior developers that graduated from one of Integrify’s Full Stack programs. 

Digia is a software and service company that combines technological possibilities and human capabilities to build intelligent business, society and a sustainable future. Digia's roots are in Finland and the company operates within the Nordic region, as well as the Netherlands. Digia is building a world in which digitalization makes a difference – together with their customers and partners.

Digia was looking to recruit several developers for multiple various projects and Integrify was happy to source the right candidates for them through our Try & Hire model. This recruitment model provides companies with maximum flexibility when it comes to the tech talent. First, Integrify handpicks just 5% of all applicants to our Full Stack programs. Then, we train and rigorously test them for the next 4-5 months, identifying the top developers and preparing them for real-life projects. Finally, we match them with companies based on their team’s unique needs, tech stack, and other requirements.

The challenge

  • Software developers often need to start working in customer projects right away
  • Developers for Digia’s projects need to be hardworking, flexible, and be able to learn fast
  • Time and resources are of the essence, especially when it comes to testing, validating and choosing the best junior candidates

The solution

  • Integrify provides a pool of most recent graduates who are ready to join a company as soon as the following week
  • All our developers have higher education background, up to 2 years of work experience, and a strong desire to learn - which are both prerequisites to be accepted into the programs
  • We handpick and train 5% of the most talented highly educated Software Developers and Data Experts through our advanced programs
  • We have a rigorous selection process accepting only the top 5% into the programs and testing the best candidates continuously throughout the studies

Why did Digia partner with Integrify?

We talked with Digia's Senior Project Manager, Marko Tuuminen who shared his experience collaborating with Integrify and working with our developers, stating “Our co-operation has been productive and efficient. Integrify's training program has been strong and focused on areas that we value and demand from our own developers, too. Collaborating with Integrify has saved much of our valuable time and resources as the developers provided by Integrify were ready to start in customer projects right away.”

He adds that “All developers have proven to be hardworking, fast learners and have fitted nicely into our teams at Digia. We look forward to working with Integrify as well in the future!”

What type of jobs were Integrify developers best fitted to tackle? 

At Digia, Integrify developers have been able to participate in multiple projects and work with various teams to apply their skills in Frontend and Backend technologies. Here are some of the projects that they have been working on:

  1. E-commerce project

A significant e-commerce project was done for a major international operator in the hospitality industry with revenue over 130M €. Integrify developer focused on updating the client's systems to the latest technology stack and building other e-commerce functionalities. The tech stack included e.g. React.js, MobX, Bootstrap, and Material-UI. The project involved a team of 12 people, including Frontend, Backend, and Epi-server developers, as well as Database architects.

  1. Internal system development project

Integrify developers worked on building an internal system for a large restaurant chain with over 100 employees to optimize their daily workflow. In addition, the system helps gather data and provides insights to assist the Management team. The team consisted of 6 people each working with both Backend and Frontend. For the Backend part, the team used Node.js, Typescript, PostgreSQL, and GraphQL and for the Frontend part - Javascript and React.js. Integrify developer had a wide array of responsibilities migrating databases, implementing features from scratch, creating APIs and UI, as well as building other Frontend functionalities.

  1. Mobile application project

Integrify developers took part in a web mobile application project for a large construction company designed to track their assets. Using centralized API service for multiple API sources, the Frontend team of 3 people including one of Integrify developers used React.js, MobX, CSS3, and Material-UI to connect to the database and view features. Apollo and GraphQL were applied to call GraphQL API from the Backend side.

Final thoughts

Some of the Integrify junior developers have been hired directly to Digia after the staffing period. Having proved their dedication and expertise, they have already moved a step up in their career paths dropping the junior titles.

“We at Digia have employed several junior developers from Integrify in our E-commerce and Agile Software Development business units. These units are  building solutions such as a tourist information portal for MyHelsinki, as well as a large-scale e-commerce portal for one of our hospitality sector clients. Integrify graduates have been well received by our customers from day one and the whole concept has worked out great for us, as well . Highly recommended!" says Tuuminen.

Integrify’s Try & Hire model helps companies of various sizes find and hire reliable tech talent within days. In addition, our clients can also count on us providing a full talent pipeline for any future recruitment needs, if necessary.

Finding hidden gems for our partners is what we do best. Read more on how Integrify can help you streamline your recruitment process and find the perfect match for your company at

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