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Integrify supporting Viomba in fast growth by providing skilled developers with the Try & Hire model

Viomba successfully streamlined its hiring process while prioritizing both skills and company culture fit. With Integrify's Try & Hire model, they found a flexible solution. This approach enabled them to engage with top-tier developers, pre-assessed by Integrify's thorough selection process, without the need for a long-term commitment upfront.

Viomba is a small and agile technology company specializing in digital marketing and media, providing tools and data for attention activation. They offer a software-as-a-service (SaaS) called Pathfinder, which measures and optimizes the impact of ad creatives and employs attention activation algorithms for programmatic and fixed inventory campaigns. Viomba's services are designed for industry professionals seeking to enhance their advertising strategies through data-driven attention optimization. They have customers in Finland, Denmark, and Germany and are expanding their business to the USA. 

Like many tech companies, Viomba faced the time-consuming task of finding the right candidates. Since Viomba partnered with Integrify in 2022, they have hired three developers via Integrify to their development team. Two Integrify developers have been employed permanently after the Try & Hire period. 

We have been impressed with the high motivation, willingness to learn, and work ethics of Integrify developers. The academy has provided them with solid skills in software development. Collaboration with Integrify is freeing our time and we find it a flexible way to scale our team. We also appreciate that Integrify has a social impact by upskilling and employing immigrants.”  Veikko Hyyrynen, Chief Technology Officer

Viomba’s development team consists of 10 talented individuals, each with their field of expertise yet engaging in task rotation to foster a well-rounded skill set within the team. This approach ensures the development of solid competencies and promotes collaborative work. They follow coding practices that enhance code readability and maintainability, allowing any team member to work with and understand the codebase effectively.

"Viomba's fast-paced startup environment has been a breeding ground for growth. Working as a software developer here, I'm constantly challenged by the latest tech frameworks, and my skills are evolving at an incredible pace. Viomba's innovative SaaS solution is revolutionizing the MarTech industry, and I'm excited to be a part of its future success and contribute meaningfully to this exciting field." Binh Ngo Integrify alumni. 

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