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Streamlining recruitment: Bitwards’ success with Try & Hire model

Case study how Bitwards found a skilled tech talent with proven technical expertise via Integrify’s Try and Hire. 

Bitwards specializes in creating innovative digital access solutions, helping businesses, communities, and individuals adapt to a keyless future. Their Mobile Access Platform provides a seamless and cost-efficient way to transition into the digital era, enhancing both convenience and operational efficiency.

The team is committed to innovation and continually seeks disruptive methods to refine everyday business practices, driven by a passion for improvement and excellence. They offer comprehensive support in designing and implementing digital service concepts, ensuring clients have the expertise needed for successful transformation.

Bitwards' previous front-end developer moved to other challenges and the team found it time-consuming to find suitable candidates. 

Integrify’s Try and Hire model stood out from the competition; the candidates already had a tech background and the international talent was a plus. In addition, the Academy’s skills validation and practical demonstrations made the decision easier. A few candidates were involved during the process, but Mohamed stood out. He possessed specific technical proficiency, confidence, a positive attitude, and a fresh perspective on teamwork. He has integrated well into our team. One of the key benefits of this process was the time saved in recruitment. Communication with Integrify has been straightforward and efficient, focusing on practical collaboration. Overall, the partnership has been highly effective. Says Niklas Kaustinen CTO Bitwards

Mohamed currently works as the only front-end developer in a team of seven software developers. His three years of coding experience before Bitwards gave him a solid foundation for his current role. 

“I've really enjoyed my time working with Bitwards as their front-end developer. The collaborative environment and innovative projects have provided me with great opportunities to grow my skills and contribute meaningfully to our shared goals.” Comments Mohamed Mahmoud.

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