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Flexible and straightforward recruitment process for Datalounges

Integrify partnered with Datalounges to provide their team in Finland with a junior developer who graduated from one of Integrify Full Stack programs. 

Datalounges is a cloud-native platform engineering company enabling automation, business continuity, reliable operations and observability. The company was on the lookout for the right tech hire for a while, including discussions with multiple third-party service providers, as well as direct applicants. Each opportunity provided its own set of strengths and weaknesses, however, Integrify stood out of the competition with its straightforward contract, easily understood process and well-managed customer relationship. 

Our Try & Hire model provides companies with maximum flexibility when it comes to hiring tech talent. First, Integrify handpicks only 5% of all applicants to our Full Stack programs. Then, we train and rigorously test them for the next four to five months, identifying the top developers and preparing them for real-life projects. Finally, we match them with companies based on their team’s unique needs, tech stack, and other requirements.

The challenge

  • Having very specific tech requirements limited the pool of potential candidates
  • The lead time to start the customer project was relatively short which required potential candidates to start the work already within two weeks
  • It is time-consuming to test, validate and choose the best junior candidates

The solution

  • Integrify picked several best candidates that matched Datalounges’ needs and had experience in required areas
  • All our developers have a higher education background, up to two years of work experience, and a strong desire to learn - which are both prerequisites to being accepted into the programs
  • Given a pressing timeline, Integrify organized the interview processes quickly, allowing Datalounges to evaluate multiple candidates
  • With our approach to training and testing every developer, we are taking away majority of the risks when it comes to hiring junior developers

Why did Datalounges partner with Integrify?

Datalounges chose Integrify to help them find a software developer for their customer project. Kim Aaltonen, Managing Director at Datalounges, highlights Integrify’s favourable contract terms: price and flexibility, quality candidates and a well-organized recruitment process. 

He adds, “We found not just one but a number of good candidates with experience in the required areas.”

Datalounges team was granted an opportunity by a customer to work on the tech stack they needed. The lead time to start the work was relatively short which meant that a direct recruitment process that typically lasts for two-three months simply didn’t fit the required timeframe. Under Integrify’s Try & Hire recruitment model, Datalounges sourced the right talent fast, flexibly and risk-free with a new tech team member joining in just two weeks.

When asked about his experience with Integrify, Kim shared he is not expecting this to be the last resource they hired from a third-party service provider. He underlined Integrify’s professionalism in handling the whole account management process in a helpful and proactive manner and added:

”We are lucky to have found a partner who is not only able to meet our base requirements but also goes over the top to find the right kind of resources to precisely match those requirements.”

In line with the initial onboarding timeline, the new hire started working independently already in two months time, acquiring more domain knowledge and taking the extra burden off of the rest of the team. 

”The person was exactly what Integrify promised us, including his certificates, coding skills, and a degree. He was a junior and that's what we expected. No surprises,” says Aaltonen.

He continues, ”And a word of encouragement for anyone looking into Integrify: this is a great route for anyone to get the right market opportunities. Go through the program and put an effort to become the best version of yourselves.”

Final thoughts

Our Try & Hire model helps companies of various sizes find and hire reliable junior tech talent within days. In addition, our clients can also count on us providing full talent pipeline for any future recruitment needs, if necessary.

Finding hidden gems for our partners is what we do best. Read more on how Integrify can help you streamline your recruitment process and find the perfect match for your company at

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