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We train and test the best junior developers on the market. Each year, we receive 4 000 applications for our programs, but only 5% of candidates successfully pass our recruitment process.

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"With Integrify, the whole recruitment process was effortless compared to recruiting on our own.”

Mikko Luukkainen
Partner at Solwe
Mikko Luukkainen
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“We look forward to working with Integrify in the future, as well... Highly recommended!”

Marko Tuuminen
Senior Project Manager, Digia, Finland
Marko Tuuminen
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"As a company, we are in a hyper growth mode and Integrify helped us to strengthen our development power with 10 talented Full Stack experts. Partnership with Integrify has been easy and smooth."

Jake Kunnari
Operations Manager, Nordcloud, Finland
Jake Kunnari
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“Integrify developers are going through a pretty intensive technical training, therefore Integrify is a really good choice for us.”

Jani Partanen
UX Lead at CEM Commerce unit, Tietoevry, Finland
Jani Partanen
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Why choose Integrify over other providers?

Since 2016 Integrify has trained more than 1000 highly educated English-speaking developers in Finland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. Our Full Stack and Data Science Academies focus on technical expertise and efficient and modern ways of working.

Integrify Academy
Proven and reliable
At Integrify, over 150 partner companies have already taken advantage of our exceptional recruitment model. Our graduates are employed in a variety of industries throughout Finland. Each year, we receive 4 000 applications for our programs, but only 5% of candidates successfully pass our recruitment process. 
Usually the threshold for being accepted to software development training is much lower, since it’s often up to the student to find their own employment. 
Confident at testing Juniors
All of our students already have experience in IT with years of studies and hobby projects behind them. Our intensive 5-month programs ensure that our developers have the technical and working life skills needed for the job. Talents are constantly tested and evaluated throughout the programs.
Similar programs on the market are usually much shorter, don’t require a full-time commitment and are less intensive in nature. Most importantly, Junior developers are not being tested nearly as much as at Integrify which makes their technical competencies a risk for the hiring companies.
Customized and personalized
Integrify Academy offers companies the ability to modify program curriculum to fit their specific technology needs, ensuring that the training aligns with their unique requirements.
None of Integrify alternatives can offer an opportunity to influence the selection process by communicating your technical requirements before the program begins.
Man working on laptop
Integrify recruitment model is a flexible way to strengthen your tech team with top talent. Our satisfaction guarantee means a risk-free recruitment for you. Integrify supports software developers throughout their employment.
Other coding bootcamps or staffing agencies don’t offer possibility to pick and choose developers before they start their training or build the  whole tech team in one place trained specifically for their own demands.
Fast and simple
For companies with urgent hiring needs, we provide access to a pool of 35+ most recent graduates who are ready to join your team as soon as next week. The process is streamlined and you will be getting our full support from day 1.
Finding the right developer for your company can be a time-consuming and expensive process. You may need to invest in job postings, recruitment agencies, and other resources to attract qualified candidates.
Integrify Academy is not just a training provider, but a company on a mission to find and upskil internationall tech talent to help businesses grow. This mission-driven approach sets Integrify Academy apart from other training providers and demonstrates our commitment to delivering real value to their clients.
Other staffing service providers don’t usually focus on building individual relationships with hiring partners nearly as much as Integrify. Most of them don’t offer customized approach either which is vital to make sure the companies are getting the workforce they actually need.
Man working on computer

Meet our developers

Integrify trains and tests highly motivated international tech talent and helps them land jobs in tech companies.

Anh Duc Thai

“Integrify has paved a very clear, shining and amazing path for young, passionate software developers who are ready to put in the hard work to achieve their dreams. Without Integrify Academy, I wouldn’t have landed the job I did.”

- Anh Duc Thai, Junior Software Engineer at Telia

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Gideon Nimoh

“Joining Integrify was a great decision because it not only helped me make use of my development skills but also provided training on relevant soft skills that are very important to land a job.”

- Gideon Nimoh, Associate | Frontend/Full-stack Developer at PWC

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Stefan Georgiev

“The best part of the program was the opportunity for personal growth and mindset transformation in just five months.”

- Stefan Georgiev, Student Software Developer at Plan2learn

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Shaiful Alam

“I’d definitely recommend Integrify Academy. This is the best place to gather and complete the required toolset in the market. Most importantly, Integrify gives you recommendations that help the employer believe in you.”

- Shaiful Alam, Junior Software Developer at Landis+Gyr

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Rizwan Kabir

“Integrify has given me the confidence I lacked. The instructors were fantastic and extremely helpful. The career service was excellent.”

- Rizwan Kabir, Developer at Fashion Digital GmbH & Co

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Pasang Sherpa

“Instructors at Integrify are highly skilled and helpful. I was quite excited about collaborating in groups to solve problems. For me, the reward was to see myself as a better coder than before in terms of writing quality code.”

- Pasang Sherpa, Software developer at Unikie

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Balazs Hoffmann

“The instructors are an up-to-date and reliable source for developing yourself. They are professionals with so much patience. Without Integrify Academy I wouldn’t have found a new job.”

- Balazs Hoffmann, Data Engineer at Enexis Groep

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Harini Praveen

“The best part of studying at Integrify was the numerous challenging assignments that were given to us at the end of each topic. This helped me build my portfolio to showcase my coding skills and my knowledge.”

- Harini Praveen, Junior Data Analyst at Landis+Gyr

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If you are looking for competent tech talent for your team, our graduates could be a perfect fit for you:

• Months of intensive, full-time technical training

• Years of academic studies and personal projects

• Up to 2 years of work experience

• High motivation and a strong desire to learn

• Excellent communication skills

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