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January 22, 2024
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We are looking for aspiring developers who are eager to launch their tech careers in Finland at one of our partner companies. Finnish language skills are an advantage.

Dec 8
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Application requirements

1+ years of recent coding experience
Active GitHub portfolio
Great communication skills in English and Finnish
Higher education background
Good knowledge of Frontend technologies such as JavaScript and React
Commitment to full-time studies
5 days a week: daily lectures and assignments

The program runs fully online and requires a commitment of at least 35 hours/week:
daily lectures and assignments

Program overview


This 4-month program has been designed for our students to master the most in-demand Full Stack skills and land a tech job in Finland.

Tech and stack timeline

7 weeks
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Flexbox icon.
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Web Accessibility
JavaScript icon.
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React icon.
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Unit testing
11 weeks
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Unit testing
11 weeks
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.Net Core
Entity Framework
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Unit testing

Teaching methods

Live lectures
Coding reviews
1-on-1 support
Peer learning
Assignment feedback
Remote environment

Career services

We make sure all students in our programs can advance and restart their careers as Full Stack Developers. Here is how we do it:

Career support icon
1-on-1 mock interviews
Mock interviews icon
1-on-1 career support
Career workshops icon
Career workshops
One-to-one CV guidance icon
1-on-1 CV guidance
Personalized feedback icon
Detailed personalized feedback
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Meet your teachers

Application and study process


Your journey starts with your application. This is your chance to showcase your background, skills, and career aspirations.

Technical test

If your application meets our minimum qualifications, we will invite you to complete a short technical test.


After succeeding in the technical test, you will be invited to a video interview so we can get to know you better.


Stay active during the training, attend lectures regularly, complete your assignments on time and learn as much as possible.

Career coaching

Participate in workshops, attend 1on1 mock interviews with our Career Growth Specialists, and follow their guidance.

Getting a job

Having been equipped with all the necessary technical and soft skills you will be set to land a tech job soon after graduation.

Hear it from our graduates

We help our students launch their careers in tech. Coming from all walks of life, our graduates have something in common: they decided to go all in and pursue their dreams.

“Integrify has paved a very clear, shining and an amazing path for young, passionate software developers who are ready to put in the hard work to achieve their dreams. Without Integrify Academy, I wouldn’t have landed the job I did. I cant recommend the Academy enough.”

Anh Duc Thai
Junior Software Engineer, Telia

“The best part of studying at Integrify was the numerous and challenging assignments that were given to us at the end of each topic. This helped me build my portfolio to showcase my coding skills and my knowledge.”

Harini Praveen
Junior Data Analyst, Landis+Gyr

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can always reach out to us at academy.finland@integrify.io

Can I join the Integrify Academy if I am not located in Finland?

Integrify Academy offers programs in its Digital Campuses in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. However, the terms of participation in each country differ. For example, programs offered in Finland are only available in Finland for the residents of the country. Being temporarily abroad for a short period of time (e.g. for a family visit abroad) is however not a problem, provided a program participant is able to continue their studies and keep up with the curriculum.

What is the tuition fee in Finland?

There is no tuition fee in Finland and the studies are completely free of charge even if there was no successful employment placement after graduation. However, the overall value of the program is about 9900€, which would need to be compensated in case of breach of contractual terms.

How can I apply to Integrify Academy?

You can apply through this webpage by clicking on any “Apply now” button and filling our application form. We encourage you to provide your CV (as PDF attachment), as well as links to your GitHub and LinkedIn profiles.

After applying, how soon can I expect to hear back from you?

If your profile matches our minimum qualifications for the program, we will invite you to complete a short technical test. Our response may take from a few minutes to a couple of days.

What would be the reason for not being accepted into the program?

Decisions are always made on a case by case basis. However, the most common reasons are insufficient technical skills, lack of relevant background, location outside of Finland, or poor communication and English language skills.

Is Integrify Academy for beginners?

Our Full Stack programs in Finland are intensive and rather advanced. You are a perfect fit if you have a passion for programming, good Github portfolio, active coding experience, and relevant education background.

How long does the program last?

Our programs typically last 4 to 5 months and include a Front-end module, Back-end module, Introduction to DevOps, as well as a Cloud module with basic official certification.

How much time do I need to reserve per week?

Our programs consist of remote lectures held in the morning during the workdays (i.e. Monday to Friday), which requires between 15 to 20 hours of attendance per week, excluding self-study and assignments. In addition, our students receive one-on-one support in their job-seeking activities, interview preparations, and portfolio building. The exact workload will be different for each individual student.

Can I (continue to) receive unemployment benefits during the training?

The decision is made by TE-office on a case by case basis. Please contact TE-office for more details.

Where do your training materials come from?

All of our training materials are developed in-house. Our technical curricula are constructed by our team of expert developers with decades of combined industry experience who, themselves, have previously gone through programs at Integrify Academy. Our career support materials are designed by our Career Growth Specialists, who have successfully supported hundreds of students to land jobs in the field.

What’s the teaching format like?

All our programs are completely online with daily live lectures. Lectures are hosted through Zoom, and communications between students with Integrify and each other are primarily done through Slack. Our Instructors and Teaching Assistants will also be conducting code reviews through GitHub. 

Can I join on a part-time basis or in the evenings?

Our programs are fast-paced and intensive, and we do require regular attendance to keep up with the curriculum. As the remote lectures are held during the mornings, availability during that time is a prerequisite for being selected. Furthermore, as you are studying in a cohort, some group work may be scheduled during the times that are not subject to change for individual students. However, under exceptional circumstances, you can discuss with our Instructors and Community Specialists the possibility to arrange a more flexible study plan for you.

What if I get a job during the program?

Every student will have a 2-week probation period at the start of the program, when they can leave the program at no cost. After the probation period ends students are obliged to adhere to the terms and conditions of the contract. We instruct our students to be transparent about potential career opportunities. If you get a job during the program without Integrify’s consent, you will be obliged to cover the tuition fee in full (9900€).

Can I take some time off for health, family, or work-related reasons?

Our team understands that there are situations in life where you may need to take a break from studies. If that’s the case, please reach out to us to discuss how we can adjust the study plan to work around your personal circumstances.