Integrify welcomes Janne Muurinen as new CEO

Integrify, a mission-driven tech company, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Janne Muurinen as its new Chief Executive Officer. “With a strong background in the IT industry, Janne brings solid experience to lead Integrify into its next phase of growth and development.” says Daniel Rahman, founder and previous CEO.

Company overview 

Founded in 2016, Integrify offers a pool of highly educated tech talent ready for recruitment through upskilling programs. The company embraces a social mission at its core, positively impacting the lives of individuals seeking tech career opportunities in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany the Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia. 

Integrify strives to provide top-quality education and connect skilled developers with ambitious partner companies like Tietoevry, WithSecure, and Vaisala.

Janne’s industry insight

Janne has extensive experience in IT leadership and development roles across various industries, gaining insights from both client and vendor perspectives. The knowledge acquired from both larger corporations and growth companies will be utilized to boost the business, making sales and customer relationships top priorities.

“I have been following Integrify’s journey for many years, and I strongly believe in the company's mission, its people, and its founders. Ultimately, the success of the service or product we offer depends entirely on the dedication and genuine passion of our people. Daniel has built a great company with a social mission at its core, providing a solid foundation to build upon.

Looking at the bigger picture, companies are seeking partners who can provide IT professionals with various seniority levels and technical skill sets. Expanding the scope of our offering is one of the significant initiatives we are addressing.”

Future goals 

Looking ahead, Integrify aims to revolutionize the coding landscape, reaching and impacting the lives of the next 10,000 individuals. The company is committed to delivering the highest quality education to its motivated developers while offering tailored services to support the growth journey of partner companies.

While our primary focus remains in Finland, Integrify acknowledges the global demand and opportunities beyond borders. The goal is to make coding education more accessible, practical, effective, and impactful for both aspiring coders and companies seeking top-notch talent.

With Janne at the helm, Integrify is ready to change the game in coding education and talent acquisition. Together, we will continue connecting top-tier talent with ambitious companies, unlocking better futures and changing what's next.

Let’s change what’s next.


Janne Muurinen

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