Yogaia is an interactive online yoga studio that helps tens of thousands of people cope with daily mobility, recovery and sleep. Yogaia brings its various body and mind wellbeing classes wherever you are. Integrify helped Yogaia to get a skilled junior backend developer to their team.

Yogaia is an interactive online yoga studio that needed to grow their technical team. Yogaia and Integrify collaborated through the Recruitment Model by hiring one developer to work on their product on the backend side.

The software developer Yogaia hired from Integrify got quickly up to speed with their systems and ways of working. The developer showed a great can-do attitude towards the work, whilst not being afraid to ask for help whenever needed. We chatted with Yogaia’s CTO, Tommy Fisher about the collaboration with Integrify.

”Working with Integrify ensures we get high quality and recently-trained personnel.”

Could you tell us about the role that the Integrify developer has in your team?

The Integrify developer, Fatima, works as a junior backend developer in our tech team. In addition to her backend skills, she has shown a strong competence with frontend development as well.

What technologies does Fatima work with in your team?

Fatima has primarily been working with Python and MySQL technologies. With her recent work she also used React Native.

”We felt confident in the Integrify developer’s skills so we assigned her as the primary tech point of contact over the summer.”

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