Wunder is a consulting company on a mission to bring people together and shape the way digital services are used in everyday life. Wunder’s diverse and international team of digital advisors, data engineers, designers and developers helps their clients to improve their digital business, competitiveness and customer experience.

Three Integrify developers are helping Wunder with their client projects

The collaboration between Wunder and Integrify started when Wunder hired two web developers through Integrify Recruitment Model. The collaboration was successful, since after the staffing contract ended, Wunder decided to hire the two developers directly to their team. Afterwards, Wunder needed to grow their tech team and hired even a third web developer with Integrify’s help.

”We recruited all three Integrify developers to our team. They are very good cultural fits to us, have the right attitude towards learning and they picked up everything really fast."

Why did Wunder partner with Integrify?

We wanted to support a great initiative in fact, Integrify's concept and business. Additionally, we wanted to try a totally new way of recruiting junior developers to our tech team. Hiring through Integrify goes well with our company values as well.

What was the reason for our successful collaboration?

The Integrify developers are not only technically skilled employees, they also have a lot of valuable experience from other fields as well. The developers we hired from Integrify were actually career switchers. They applied to the Integrify Academy fully aware of the fact that the work will be hard, but extremely rewarding at the same time.

"We have been happy with their motivation, drive and proactivity."

How many projects have the developers from Integrify been working on at Wunder?

The two developers we hired have been working with a total of nine projects. We were satisfied with their work so eventually, we decided to hire another (third) developer from Integrify to our team.

What kind of projects have the Integrify developers been working on?

”One of our client projects that the Integrify developers have taken part in is related to building a frontpage to a public transportation company. The project team consisted of one account manager in addition to the two web developers. The technologies we decided to use in this project is mainly React.js."

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