TietoEVRY is one of the leading digital services and software companies with local presence and global capabilities. TietoEVRY serves thousands of enterprise and public sector customers in more than 90 countries and they create digital advantages for both businesses and society.

Integrify’s Recruitment Model helped TietoEVRY with their technical resource needs

TietoEVRY collaborated with Integrify through the Recruitment Model by hiring one software developer to their CEM (Customer Experience Management) unit. The CEM unit builds digital services with a holistic and design-driven approach to customer experience. We got a chance to talk with Jani Partanen, who shared his experience on the collaboration with Integrify. Jani Partanen works as UX Lead at TietoEVRY’s CEM Commerce unit.

Why did TietoEVRY partner with Integrify?

At TietoEVRY, we often need software developers on very short notice. We also know that all Integrify developers are going through a pretty intensive technical training therefore, Integrify is a really good choice for us. Additionally, we’ve seen that foreign software developers that have moved to Finland are usually extremely motivated. Motivation is an extremely welcome characteristic for software developers.

Could you tell more about the project that the Integrify developer has been working on?

”The developer that we hired from integrify has been working on one project for now. Typically our projects at TietoEVRY are quite huge and long-lasting therefore, usually the projects are completed within several years even. We also provide our developers an opportunity to change the project in case they are willing to do so.”

The project that the Integrify developer has been working on is a B2B e-commerce project for a large manufacturing company. The product used at the project is Hybris. The project team consists of 5-10 people, including a technical architect, a backend developer, frontend developers, AMS and a project manager. The technologies used at this project includes mainly SAP Hybris, jQuesry, Less, JSP and Java.

Dita Jadava from Integrify is currently working at TietoEVRY as a software developer. Dita commented on her experience at Integrify in addition to her experience at TietoEVRY as follows:

”Getting the change to join Integrify Academy was a big turning point in my life. I have to admit that the Academy was hard work from the very beginning however, Integrify helped me to land my dream job at TietoEVRY. For this, I’m forever grateful.”

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