Spot-A-Shop is an online store that makes finding budget-friendly clothing easy for consumers. By using SPOT-A-SHOP, consumers can easily find all favourite online stores and their discounted products via one website. Integrify’s Recruitment Model helped SPOT-A-SHOP in their developer needs.

Finding skilled talent is extremely crucial for any company to succeed. Especially in SPOT-A-SHOP’s case, having skilled technical talent is a key factor in ensuring a well-functioning product. Integrify’s Recruitment Model has helped many startups in Finland, especially during times when companies needed skilled developers urgently. Integrify helped SPOT-A-SHOP to grow their tech team with two software developers that could fill their long-term resource needs as well. We got a chance to chat with SPOT-A-SHOP’s CTO, Ilkka Winter about our collaboration.  

”We’ve been extremely satisfied with the two Integrify developers. Overall, they have been very committed and dedicated to their work."

Why did Spot-A-Shop partner with Integrify?

We wanted to find software developers who are dedicated to their work as we are committed to invest in their personal development as well. Our aim is to support the Integrify developers in their current roles so that in the future they could grow into key members at our tech team. Additionally, we wanted to contribute in developing the Finnish community by helping international talent to integrate into our society.  

”Integrify’s regular check-ups on the developers have increased our trust.”

Could you tell us about the projects that the Integrify developers have worked on?

Our product is a website where consumers can find aggregated discounts for fashion items from several retailers. We’d describe our platform to be the Momondo of the fashion industry. We have a total of six sites live and we are constantly working to improve their functionality and features.

Integrify’s developers have so far taken part in two product development projects. On the frontend side we use mainly technologies such as Next.js, React.js and Redux and our backend is running partly on PHP and partly a microservice serverless platform. During these projects we have improved our own recommendation algorithm. Our team consists of three senior full stack developers and two frontend developers. We have also found that the scrim methodologies work well for our tech team.

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