Solwe is an IT consultancy company that specializes in helping its customers in building e-commerce websites and solutions. The system Solwe has exceptional expertise is Shopify, which is the most known e-commerce platform in the world. 

In the starting point of the partnership between Solwe and Integrify, Solwe needed more developers to their team in a short amount of time. Luckily, they found a great developer to their technical team from Integrify. 

We talked with one of Solwe’s Partners, Mikko Luukkainen and he shared his thoughts about Integrfiy, their chosen developer and the collaboration overall. 

How has the collaboration between Solwe and Integrify gone so far? 

With Integrify, the whole recruitment process was effortless compared to recruiting internally/directly. The entire collaboration has also been extremely straightforward. We were in a situation where Solwe needed new Shopify developers fast in order to keep up with the growth and we ended up finding a great fit from Integrify. We‘ve managed to get fast up to speed with our new team member, Fahad. We’ve also been particularly impressed with Fahad’s communication skills, ability to learn fast and humble interest towards his tasks at Solwe. 

What kind of role does the Integrify developer have in your team? 

Fahad’s tasks at Solwe are mainly focused on technical consulting in e-commerce in addition to frontend development. The technology stack includes shopify development in e-commerce with Javascript, Liquid, HTML and CSS. He is also working with automation in e-commerce by using GraphQL and REST. 

Why did you choose Integrify as a partner in software developer recruitment?

We found a great match to our team from Integrify very fast. Fahad also managed to convince us in a positive way during the very first interview. I believe that the rigorous Full Stack Academy recruitment process done by Integrify truly helped us in this recruitment. We ended up using probably 10% of the time in recruiting through Integrify compared to a normal internal recruitment process. 

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