Silcube Software

Silcube Software is a platform that simplifies their customers’ investment management workflow with a native cloud based solution. Additionally, Silcube’s system requires no separate installation practices.

Why did Silcube choose to work with Integrify?

”We chose to collaborate with Integrify mainly to reduce the risk of wrong hire and make the hiring process really smooth and fast.

”Integrify has a pool of ready-to-hire developers, also the communication was really clear.”

Silcube hired a frontend/UI developer from Integrify and the candidate was selected based on Silcube’s hiring needs.

Silcube hired a frontend developer from Integrify just after a couple of online technical interviews. Silcube also liked the idea behind Integrify's business.

”All the candidates provided by Integrify were preselected based on our needs, which made the hiring process very fast.”

The Integrify developer works with many projects at Silcube.

”We were looking for a UI-focused frontend developer and Nguyen was a good fit for this role. Nguen's skills in the front-end allowed us to complete on-boarding in a very short-time. He also was able to work efficiently in remote mode as most of the first half of the year 2021 we were in Covid-19 lockdown.

”We value not only technical skills but also the work ethic of Nguyen.

Although Nguyen's main responsibilities related to front-end development, he was able to learn our technological stack really fast, so we trust him to make changes on the backend if it is required by the task. Currently, Nguyen is coding mainly in Vue.js 3 on front-end, Java and SQL on back-end.

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