Nursebuddy is a platform for home care management. Nursebuddy solves at-home healthcare scheduling needs with certainty, efficiency, and customer satisfaction at the forefront of their platform. With Nursebuddy their clients can easily track e.g. shift planning, reports and care plans through one portal.

Integrify helped Nursebuddy in growing their tech team with a software developer.

The Integrify developer, Josephine, has been working as a software developer at Nursebuddy and her role has mainly focused on frontend development. Additionally, Josphine has been working with their backend system and mobile application as well.

”The collaboration with Josephine has worked extremely well. She is an important part of the team and learns very fast. Her attitude is absolutely on point as well.”

The Integrify developer works with many technologies at Nursebuddy

Josephine works mostly with frontend at Nursebuddy, the technologies she works with are mainly React, Redux and Material UI. Additionally, on the backend side Nursebuddy uses e.g. Node.js, Fastify and MySQL. In mobile development Nursebuddy works with React Native, Redux and Material UI technologies.

Why did you choose to collaborate with Integrify?

”Integrify offered us an easy and flexible way to reinforce our tech team and the opportunity to recruit the chosen talent to our team after the staffing period.”

Additionally, it was very easy to work with Integrify’s contact Timy Kemmo (Business Developer).

Would you like to learn more about the Integrify Recruitment Model? Reach out to our business development team, we’re happy to tell you more about how we could help you in growing your tech team with skilled developers!

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