Measurlabs is a technology company providing chemical analysis, material characterisation and migration testing for its clients. With over 80 partner laboratories worldwide, Measur serves both local and international customers.

Our old website used outdated technology and had several shortcomings in SEO. Integrify made us a new website using the latest technologies, improved the SEO and implemented new features such as a live chat. After the project, our new website looks fresh and loads fast. I’m super happy with the result. -Teemu Myllymäki, Co-founder and CEO of Measurlab.

Today, having a beautifully designed and user-friendly website can bring substantial competitive advantages. Great websites build the company brand and work as a channel to increase sales traffic. That was also the goal for Integrify while designing and developing Measurlab's new website.

Project starting point and key targets

Measurlab's old website was developed at an early stage when the company first started their business operations. Although the website was carrying out the required functionalities, it was becoming slow over time. This was one of the main reasons Measur needed a totally new website along with a fresh design and additional functionalities that would match the demands of their current business.

Measurlab provides laboratory testing services to its clients. This means that the company operates in a field in which they handle and manage extremely sensitive data of their clients. Overall, in their business, trust is especially important in addition to being a reliable partner. Therefore, during Measurlab's and Integrify’s collaboration, trust was a key factor that needed to be reflected at Measur’s updated website. Integrify needed to make sure that e.g. the variety of Measurlab's testing options are presented clearly on their website as well as all information should be easily found and accessible.

The need for new features at Measurlab's website was identified already in early stages of Measurlab's and Integrify’s collaboration. The live chat function was implemented for improving customer service and experience. Additionally, the original website was lacking proper SEO optimization therefore, improvements in SEO was identified as one of the key targets in the project. Lastly, the content at the website needed to be updated along with a completely new content structure. The aim for the new content layout was to implement all information as a well-structured logical entity. Measurlab also wished that after the website launch, their team should be able to update and manage all information easily without needing in-house technical support.

Final solution

The design and look of the final solution was required to be kept clean and simple. The colour scheme at the original website reflected Measurlab's brand therefore, the same colour palette was chosen to be used at the updated website as well. In order to ensure a good visitor experience and readability, white areas were used a lot in the final website structure. The website was designed to be a dynamic entity so that all information would be easily accessible. The updated website was created by using modern programming technologies that enabled an optimal solution in terms of site speed. The usage of modern technologies also enhances the business SEO capabilities.

"After the project, our new website looks fresh and loads fast. I’m super happy with the result.”

Implemented features in the final website:

  • Visual website renewal: Creating new and fresh look to the updated website
  • Content management system: The new website is integrated to Contentful, which ensures that Measurlab's team can easily update and modify all content
  • Live chat feature: An effective and responsive tool for quick and flexible customer interactions
  • SEO optimization: The website is configured for absolute compatibility with Google bots. As a result, the update creates a boost in Google search index and increases Measurlab's website ranking in the search engine. Meta tags have been used on each page to identify all content. Integrify made sure the content is not duplicated, for this Netlify was used in addition to preview features during the development process
  • Localization for English and Finnish
  • Dynamic Navigation bar: The updated navigation bar ensures fluent site transition and language switch

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