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Slogan is a result-oriented digital marketing agency and their team consists of professionals in digital marketing, design and Wordpress development. Slogan is a company that truly aims to help their customers in growing their business by focusing in three areas: websites, eCommerce and digital marketing.

Slogan ja Integrify started collaboration through Integrify’s Recruitment Model.

Slogan recruited a software developer from Integrify to help with their projects in application development. Afterwards the full stack developer, Bikash, has become a key player in their tech team. Bikash has also supported Slogan by bringing new ideas and learnings to the whole team.

Recruitment experiment turned into key role

”We had an open mind and decided to test a totally new way to recruit a web developer from Integrify. We did not have any prior experience in utilizing staffing models for technical roles. At first we were a bit nervous because the Integrify developer’s tech stack/skills were not a 100% match to us. However, we quickly realized that our team is able to learn and even identify new opportunities due to the diverse tech stack.”

”Nowadays the Integrify developer has an important role in several projects and we believe in future collaboration with Integrify.”

What kind of role does the Integrify developer have in your team?

”Bikash has taken part in building web applications on both frontend and backend side. He has also contributed and brought his expertise in architectural details, user interfaces and security. Overall, he has been an extremely important part of our team.”

Bikash has been mainly working with the following technologies: React.js,Vue.js, TypeScript, Google Cloud and Firebase.

Why did Slogan choose to collaborate with Integrify?

”It was very easy to start the collaboration with Integrify as we were able to agree about future next steps flexibly. Additionally, the Recruitment Model was quickly successful and made sense to both parties. The collaboration has also been active and we’ve gotten answers in our questions whenever needed.”

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