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Blidz has been happy with the developers recruited from Integrify. Markus Haverinen commented on their experience about the whole collaboration in addition to their thoughts about Integrify's developers' work at Blidz.

For Blidz, Integrify represents a great way to get professional and truly motivated software developers to our team. Blidz is a technology and data-driven company and we believe that software development can create empowerment for people and businesses alike. The software developers from Integrify have convinced us of their technological know-how and been a great help in achieving our goals.

Why did Blidz partner with Integrify?

The collaboration with Integrify has been successful. We’re also happy about the fact that Blidz is able to help international developers getting jobs that corresponds their educational level and get professional technical experts to our team at the same time. We’ve collaborated with Integrify in two ways; Integrify’s consultants have helped us in our development projects and we’ve also hired a developer to our team through Integrify’s staffing services.

What kind of projects have the Integrify developers worked with?

Integrify has helped Blidz in multiple projects and amongst others, built our homepage ( Furthermore, Blidz ended up in hiring one of the skilled developers from Integrify. Today, he is a core member of our team.

"We couldn't have found this skilled individual without Integrify." was built by using two main technologies: React and Node.JS. The developers from Integrify worked swiftly to build the website and there were no bottlenecks in the development process. During the iteration phase, Blidz was able to allocate Integrify's resources easily in order to make all necessary updates. All-in-all we were positively surprised by the quality of the final solution.

Did you recruit someone at the end of the Integrify Recruitment Model? If so, why?

Yes, we did! We hired a backend developer from Integrify. He also helped in building our new website, so it was natural for us to hire him. He had an important role during the website project so our technology stack was already familiar to him. Today he is a core member of our team. He exceeds expectations even when considering our challenging backend architecture.

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