Bionova operates in the environmental industry by making live-cycle metrics calculations as easy as possible with their One Click LCA product. Bionova’s goal is to develop software and solutions for all players in the construction industry to calculate environmental impacts in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Collaboration with Integrify has been stress free and straightforward

According to One Click LCA’s Production Lead, Arturs Alsins, collaborating with Integrify has been a stress free and straightforward process. Since there is no commitment required, Bionova could see what Integrify provides before making any final decisions. Through Integrify, Bionova filled a position of junior software developer with a very promising candidate who became an essential part of their team just in a few months. "We will definitely see what Integrify has to offer in future."

”We hired a junior developer from Integrify and just in a few months he became an essential part of our team.”

In what kind of role does the Integrify developer work at Bionova?

The Integrify developer, Hung, started as a junior software developer at Bionova working on the core of the One Click LCA web app. His work includes both maintenance of existing features as well as creating completely new ones. He has been able to build his first major feature with limited help from the more senior team members. He is able to figure things out with limited instructions and always takes initiative in making sure whatever he works on matches the set expectations. Hung has been working mostly with the following technologies: Grails, Groovy, MongoDB, Apache, JavaScript.

We also got to chat with the Integrify developer, Hung. He expressed his positive feelings about working at Bionova:

"At Bionova, I'm particularly satisfied with the supportive working culture. We work as a team and collaborate well with each other in projects."

Why did you choose to collaborate with Integrify?

We chose to collaborate with Integrify because it was hassle free and required no commitment. Since Integrify has already vetted the candidates, it reduces some of the risks from our side and gives us more flexibility when it comes to resource management. The communication from the very beginning was very professional and clear so it was easy to work with Integrify.

”We chose to collaborate with Integrify because it was hassle free and required no commitment.”

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