Arkkeo is a cloud-based loyalty platform that connects consumers' payment cards to merchants rewarding programs. With Arkkeo, consumers get benefits from numerous different stores with a normal debit and credit card – Automatically.

Integrify’s Recruitment Model helped Arkkeo in recruiting a full stack developer

Arkkeo has been very satisfied with the Integrify developer’s input; Hoang is a great software developer with great problem solving skills and can-do attitude towards work.

”Already within the first weeks, Hoang managed to bring a lot of value to our team. Now he is working independently with more challenging and larger entities.”

Integrify’s developer is working with many projects at Arkkeo.

”Hoang works as a full stack developer at our team. At the moment he is focusing mainly on developing our mobile application however, he has gradually started taking more responsibility on the backend side as well.”

Hoang works mainly with JavaScript, React Native, Java and Spring Boot technologies at Arkkeo’s mobile development team.

We also chatted with Hoang about his experience at Integrify and working at Arkkeo:

”Integrify prepared me very well for a career in the IT field. Working at Arkkeo is challenging in a good way and my aim is to always complete my work reliably and efficiently.”
Why did Arkkeo decide to collaborate with Integrify?
”Integrify’s Recruitment Model is an efficient way to recruit developers that are in the early stages of their careers. The developers provided by Integrify have a great potential to grow into senior developers quickly with a small amount of training.”

Are you interested in recruiting top developers to your team? [Reach out to us](, we’re happy to tell more about how the [Intgerify Recruitment Model]( could be of help in your resourcing needs as well!

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