People Behind Integrify: Yazan, Consultant & Full Stack Instructor

January 10, 2022

People Behind Integrify is a blog series that takes you behind the scenes of Integrify. This time you'll get to meet Yazan, a software developer and our talented consultant who has numerous client projects under his belt. When his not working on a consulting project, Yazan teaches the developers in the Full Stack Academy.

Hey Yazan! Why did you become a software developer?

There are two main reasons why I chose to pivot my career and become a software developer. First of all, the tech industry appreciates a versatile skill set. And acquiring the skills requires hard work and determination. As a millennial, nothing excites me more than challenging myself.

The second reason is that by being a software developer, I can use logic and improve my problem-solving skills. I don’t have any problem with sitting for hours and trying to figure out or debug an issue. Do you know what is the most satisfying feeling? It’s when you finally solve it!

How do you see your role as a consultant?

With more experience, I would see myself as a lead consultant. My goal is to be in charge of overseeing the work of the consultant team and offering clients timely advice and recommendations on the projects as needed.

What gets you up in the morning?

The alarm, haha joking! The upcoming challenges of course.

How do you keep your knowledge up to date?

I follow many tech creators on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition to reading blogs recommended by Google, Medium, or FreeCodeCamp, I also stay updated on hot topics or exchange knowledge and tricks with my colleagues.

How would you describe the Tech Team at Integrify using just 3 adjectives?

Committed, Passionate and Awesome!

What do you enjoy most about working at Integrify?

Our community is what makes me excited to go to work everyday. I also feel fascinated by the daily challenges of my work and collaboration with my colleagues.

Ps. Yazan and Integrify Academy are looking forward to training new talented software developers in Finland. Don't hesitate to
apply today and launch your career!

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