Introducing Integrify's Sales Team

May 4, 2022

Integrify’s team introduction blog series is about digging deeper into Integrify’s core teams. This time, we’re giving the stage to our lovely sales team for the purpose that you’ll get a better understanding on how our sales team operates at Integrity. Enjoy!

Integrify is a modern talent accelerator; we boost international software developers’ technical skills to the next level at our Full Stack Academy. We collaborate with tech companies by helping them grow their tech teams with excellent software developers. 

The main goal for the sales team at Integrify is to build partnerships with companies and help our Software Developer graduates in landing Software Developer jobs in Finland that correspond to their skills and experience. Simultaneously, it is extremely important for the sales team to understand our clients and their needs in growing their technical teams. Every successful recruitment starts by getting a good understanding of the talent our client is looking for e.g.experience level, technical skills, team working skills, ability to work independently, educational background, to name a few. 

"The most important mission of Integrify's Sales Team is to ensure that as many developers as possible get a kickstart to their careers as a Software Developer.  And from a company's point of view, our job is to make sure that companies are getting the best and most suitable developers for their teams - for years to come.

My job is to ensure that the Sales Team team has clear targets and the right tools to meet them. In 2022 we have an ambitious goal to get jobs for a 3-figure number of developers in different companies across the tech industry in Finland."

Miikka, Head Of Sales

Integrify has two main models of collaboration; 1) Staffing model – with single or multiple developer hires -  and 2) Academy Partnership – multiple developer hires being preceded by a tailored curriculum during which the  skills of (selected) developers have been refined based on the particular tech needs of client companies. 

We’re excited that our sales team has been growing quite fast in the past months. As we are growing the number of developers attending our academy programs, this also requires extentensive operation efforts from the team. As the sales team’s headcount is increasing, we can also grow the number of our developers getting jobs at our partner companies!

Currently we’re a team of six people and we are constantly looking for new team members. We wanted to ask our sales team about their thoughts on working as part of the sales team. Timy, Lauri, Sasu and Umar were kind enough to share a few words about the topic!

“Everyone in the team brings something unique to the table and is happy to share their knowledge with others. Everyone has their own style of conducting sales and that's why, I think, there’s always something to learn from every single one. We’re also not lacking the one thing all good sales teams have in common, which is a great sense of humor.”

Timy, Key Account Manager

“The best thing about working with this particular team is the collaboration. Everyone is extremely supportive and wants to see their colleagues succeed, whether it is by helping each other or sparring collectively.

Sachin, Account Manager

"We collaborate very closely together at the sales team and we’re in touch with each other almost on a daily basis. We love to share ideas and best practices and I think this creates a culture that allows us to celebrate each others' success. Humor and a positive atmosphere plays a huge role in our team, I cannot recall a single internal meeting without laughter.”

Umar, Account Manager

"It’s been great to see how you can change the direction of people's lives through your own work. Being able to create this impact has definitely been the biggest thing for me this year."

Lauri, Account Manager 

Do you want to join the Integrify team? 😎 We are currently looking for multiple key players to join our team! You can check out our open positions here or leave an open application.

Are you interested in joining our Full Stack Training Program and becoming a Software Developer? You can send your application here!

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