Integrify Alumni Stories: Tom Whiting, Full Stack Developer

January 10, 2022

Integrify Career Stories is a blog series where our alumni share their experiences of embarking on a new career journey with the help from Integrify Academy. Tom first joined Integrify Academy in the Fall 2020, where he leveraged his knowledge in software development and updated his skillset with new technologies. After 5 months in the Full Stack Academy, Tom successfully started his career in tech as a Software Developer at Positive Learning.

Hey Tom, congrats on graduating from Integrify Academy! For you, what was the biggest benefit that Integrify provided?

Primarily, I value the motivation I got to build new things and the freedom to build them the way I wanted to. At Integrify, I could freely develop creativity while being guided by the instructors and my fellow coursemates. Sometimes it's difficult to see how you can improve your skills without knowing what exactly it is that you're missing, and so you might just be doing things in the wrong way and will benefit a lot from constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. If you are unaware that you are on the wrong track, you'll never know you need to change it. And then once I can address these aspects with extra help from Integrify people, I have the freedom to work on them in my preferred way.

Is there anything else you feel was especially great at Integrify?

The people that work at Integrify, I think they're all fantastic. I've seen people happily go out of their way even during a weekend to help others. Whenever I've raised a query with team members, they've been incredibly helpful and quick to reply. There's also a lot of respect between both parties, and people are always willing to offer their help. For example, when I started my new job and needed a certain device, Integrify personnel immediately agreed to provide the support.

To me, their can-do attitude demonstrates that my team members at Integrify will pull out all the stops to ensure you can produce your best work.

Let’s talk about work opportunities! Do you feel Integrify was helpful in finding a suitable job for you?

Absolutely. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people were increasingly cautious about hiring international talent. I think being British somewhat factors into that as well, as there was a lot of uncertainty about the effect of Brexit on people. Integrify was fantastic about reaching out to employers and communicated with us whenever they received an update on the process. With Integrify being an established company with a proven track record, it gave employers peace of mind and a sense of security that their new employee was a talented developer who respected their values.

Thank you, Tom. Take care and continue your awesome work!

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