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The National Library of Finland

Company: The National Library of Finland

Annual budget: ~ 23M€

Employees: over 200

Developers from Integrify: 2

The National Library of Finland is in charge of recording and maintaining the national publishing heritage and ensuring its accessibility. Their duties are to develop and offer national services for libraries as well as to promote the national and international cooperation in the library field. The National Library operates as an independent institution that is a part of the University of Helsinki. Lassi Lager, an Information Systems Manager hired two Integrify web developers via the Intergrify Recruitment Model to keep up with their developer needs.

Why did the National Library partner with Integrify?

From time to time it's challenging to find and recruit experienced developers. Integrify could offer us developers who were already specialized in programming languages we use in our projects.

What kind of projects have the Integrify developers has been working on?

  • Project: Developing a new technical implementation of Identifier Services. Identifier services are a public registry of Finnish publishers. The National Library provides publishers with ISBN-, ISSN- ja ISMN-identifiers. The purpose of the project is to reimplement the current user interface and expand it with publisher interface as well as enhance the current administration interface.
  • Tech stack: The new service will be integrated to wider architecture and same technologies and programming languages, mostly Node.js are used.

What's best about working with the developers?

Our two Integrify developers have been skilful and very motivated colleagues. It has been nice and easy to get along with them.

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