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Company: Wunder, a full-service digital agency with 130+ specialists across 3 countries.

Revenue: 9 M €

Employees: Over 130 specialists across 3 countries.

Developers from Integrify: 3

Wunder employed three web developers through Integrify's Recruitment Model and were so impressed with them that the company ended hiring them directly.

Why did Wunder partner with Integrify?

We wanted to support a great initiative - the Integrify concept - and also try a new way of recruiting junior developers. Hiring through Integrify goes well with our company values. What makes Integrify’s developers great for us? They are often career switchers with lots of valuable experience in other fields. They have applied to Integrify’s program knowing it’s hard work but that it’ll be rewarding in the end – and their motivation, drive and proactivity is very high.

How many projects have the developers from Integrify been a part of during the recruitment period?

In total the developers have been part of 9 projects.

What kind of project Integrify developers have been working on?

Project: Front page for a public transportation company Tech stack: React.js Customer: Public transportation company Team: an architect, 2 developers and an account manager

Did you recruit someone after the recruitment period? Why?

We recruited both our Integrify hires. They were a very good cultural fit, have the right attitude towards learning and developing and picked up really fast.