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Client: Measur - A technology company that provides chemical analysis, material characterization and migration testing. With over 80 partner laboratories worldwide, Measur serves both local and international customers.

Team: Team lead & 2 fullstack developers

Tech stack: Gatsby, React.js, Typescript, Storybook, Contentful, SCSS, Jest/React-testing-library, Figma, GraphQL

“Our old website used outdated technology and had several shortcomings in SEO. Integrify made us a new website using the latest technologies, improved the SEO and implemented new features such as a live chat. The website looks fresh and loads fast. I’m super happy with the result.”

- Teemu Myllymäki, Co-founder and CEO of Measur

Today, having a beautifully designed and user-friendly website can bring substantial competitive advantages. Great websites build the company brand and work as a channel to increase sales traffic. That was also the goal for Integrify while designing and developing Measur's new website.


Measur’s old website was developed when the client first started their business. Though functioning, it was becoming slow and it needed a new, fresh design and additional functionalities that would match the demands of the current business.

By providing laboratory testing services, Measur is in a business where it is especially important to be trustworthy and a reliable partner and the website should also reflect those that. The variety of testing options should be clearly presented and information easily achievable.

The website needed new functionalities including a live chat to be better able to serve the customers and SEO optimization so the customer would find the company and its services in the first place. In addition, there was a need to reorganize the content into logical sections. The client also wanted to have full and easy control over the website content without having to use any programming skills.

Measur's new website 1


The design of the website was kept simple and clean. The colors grey, blue and white from the old website remained. White space was used to increase elegance and readability. The website was designed to be dynamic and actionable where the information is easily accessible. In accordance with new regulations, also accessibility was fully implemented.

The website was built using the latest technologies Measur’s website that enabled it to be optimized for speed and user experience, which in turn enhances the business’s SEO capabilities.

New important features to the client:

  • New fresh design.
  • Content management with Contentful content management system allowing the client to modify and access Measur without interacting with the codebase.
  • Live chat - an effective and responsive tool for quick and responsive customer interactions.
  • SEO optimization: the website was configured for absolute compatibility with Google bots, as a result, creates a boost in the Google search index and increases website ranking. Meta tags have been used on each page to identify its content. We made sure the content is not duplicated as we used Netlify and preview feature while developing.
  • Localization for English and Finnish.
  • Dynamic Navigation bar – fluent transition, language switch.
  • Segmented into reusable and highly dynamic components.
  • Accessibility is implemented according to new regulations.
  • Using CI pipelines, git fork, testing (react-testing and jest), typescript and tslint to cover all possible security flaws.

Measur Website 2

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