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LAunch your career in data science and machine learning

Integrify Academy offers international talent training in data science and machine learning. Join us to upgrade your tech stack and build solutions in agile teams for real-life problems using machine learning. After graduation, we connect you with work in the field. 80% of our graduates are working as developers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers in startups, scale-ups, IT consultancies, corporations, and product companies.

WHy join the program?

BECOME a data scientist and machine learning expert with up-to-date and industry-standard knowledge

INTENSIVE, PRAGMATIC education program to get you where you want to go fast

WORK in interesting team projects that are led by Integrify’s consultants

BUILD your collaborative and teamwork skills

LEARN agile development methodologies

AFTER YOU PASS the skills requirements Integrify’s team will help you to land you a job as a data scientist or machine learning expert

Is it you we are looking for?

  • You have basic knowledge of Python, or R and Mathematics (e.g. Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability, Statistics)
  • You have an understanding of the data viz tools like: tableau, qlikview
  • Understanding of BI tools would also be an advantage
  • You speak fluent English and have good communication skills
  • You have a great attitude and are ready to commit to the course (every weekday from 9-17 for 6 months)
  • Your career goal is to become a data analyst, data engineer, or machine learning engineer

What our students say about us

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About Integrify

Integrify is a startup based in Helsinki, Finland. Over 200 people have started in our programs and 80% of graduates are working as developers. For the first time, Integrify is bringing its world-class education to Berlin. The program in Berlin is done remotely together with the Finnish class.


What is Integrify?

Integrify is a startup based in Finland and founded in 2016. Our mission is to provide a platform for motivated international talent to boost their skills in software development, data science and machine learning and help them in finding work and starting their career in technology. Integrify is bridging the gap between a growing international talent population and an increasing shortage of developers.

What does the training include?

Training takes place every weekday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The training period is 6 months and it consists of two parts: first part covers data science and the second part machine learning, data engineering and cloud including project work. You will learn by doing with the support of our teachers and your peers.

How much does the training cost?

The training is free of charge for you.

Who are the teachers?

Integrify’s teachers are experienced developers who work as consultants and gain industry insights and when they are not teaching.

Can you tell me a little bit more about the curriculum?

The curriculum is created by Integrify’s CTO who has 14 years of experience working in different technology companies (previously as a senior in the company that created Angry Birds!). Together with the contributions from the tech industry, we have created a curriculum that is practical, hands-on and responds to the demands of the job market.

how does the covid-19 affect the studies?

No. The education is organized remotely for the time-being.

What do you mean by “connect with work”?

Integrify’s dedicated team of business developers will be looking for a job on your behalf. Integrify has built a strong company network in Finland. By working hard you can become one of the 80% of graduates who start their career in tech after graduation.

How is the education free of charge?

Integrify aims to hire the graduated developers and have them start their careers in Integrify’s partner companies. This way the graduates become paid employees at Integrify and the partner companies pay Integrify. This is our business model.

How can I find more about Integrify?

Please visit our website

I still want to know more!

Please check out this video about us. It’s from 2018, some things may have changed, but the basic principles are still in place!


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