Integrify builds a diverse Finnish worklife and society through technology.


Integrify was founded in 2016 with a mission to diversify Finnish work-life. Integrify provides international talent living in Finland opportunities to find employment and integrate into Finnish society through work.

At the same time, Integrify helps companies to see the opportunities of a diverse workforce and supports them in attracting international talent.


“Having support in creating a professional CV, joining mock job interviews and receiving mentoring helped me build my confidence to land my first job in Finland.”
- Sanjog, International Talent
"Integrify is especially important for immigrant women looking to land her first job in Finland and in the technology field." 
- Csilla, International Talent
"I’ve only been part of the steering group of Integrify’s Data Science and Machine learning for a few months and, I have to say that I'm already extremely convinced that in this unique idea, many things are exactly right." 
- Teemu Roos, Professor in the University of Helsinki & Creator of the Elements of AI - online course



Better wellbeing with diversity & inclusion

Providing practical advice for companies on their journey towards a more diverse and inclusive team.

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Turning digital skills into employment

Teaching international talent advanced digital skills to help them find secure, future-proof employment in the service sector.

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Including immigrants in the digitalization of worklife

Helping international talent gain advanced digital worklife and job-search skills .

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Embracing change to empower entrepreneurs and micro companies

Supporting entrepreneurs and micro-companies to adapt to change and take care of their wellbeing.

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