Full Stack Development

Starting date: April 17, 2023

We are looking for aspiring developers based in Finland who want to dive deep into C#, .NET Core and launch their careers at one of our partner companies.


Program details

Starting date: April 17, 2023

Our team of experienced and diverse Software Developers and Career Growth Specialists built this advanced program to equip you with the most in-demand skills in the industry. After the program, we will connect you with work opportunities at our partner companies looking for developers with Microsoft tech stack.

What you will get

In-demand Skillset

  • Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, C#
  • Frameworks: React, Redux, .NET Core
  • Cloud: Azure
  • DevOps: PowerShell, Docker, GitHub Actions

Learning Experience

  • Daily live lectures from experienced developers
  • Hands-on work in pairs and teams
  • Code review and 1-on-1 feedback
  • Career mentoring and mock interviews
  • Matchmaking to career opportunities with our partner companies - read more
  • Like-minded and supportive peers

Career opportunities

We make sure all participants in our Academy can advance and restart their careers as Full Stack Developers, DevOps Engineers, or Cloud Engineers.

Here is how we do it



At the start of our Academy, we are eager to learn about your current strengths and ensure your next employment supports your future aspirations.


While you advance your skills in Software Development, our team actively seeks suitable opportunities with our partner companies.




Before your first interview with one of our partner companies, we help you prepare by hosting career workshops and mock interviews.



After experiencing real recruitment processes, you get to work with one of our partner companies. Your development career starts here.

"At Integrify, we strive to understand your strengths and preferences with the clear goal of ensuring we connect you to the most fitting career opportunity.

You focus on improving your skills. We focus on getting you a job!"

Miikka Berger
Head of Sales

Selected partners

The graduates from our Academy work in a diverse range of companies in Finland from up and coming start-ups to international corporations.


Although your background and technical skills are important, we value your ambition and future aspirations above everything else!

Technical Skills

  • You are skilled with front-end technologies such as JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, and Redux or other programming stacks.
  • You are familiar with SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • You have projects to show on your GitHub account.
  • You have background in higher education.


  • You are passionate about working as a Full Stack Developer, DevOps Engineer, or Cloud Engineer.
  • You can commit to a 5-month-long program 5 days a week from 9:00 to 17:00.
  • You have a can-do attitude and strong teamwork skills.
  • You are a fast learner and thrive under pressure.
  • You are a passionate communicator who is fluent in English.

Application Process



Your journey starts with your application. Do not forget to tell us as much as you can about your background, abilities, and aspirations.



If your application passes our pre-screening, you will receive a small yet challenging technical assignment from us.



After succeeding in the assignment, we invite you for an interview so we can learn more about your background, aspirations, and technical skills.



We accept up to 30 applicants to a single program. We hope your motivation matches our vision.


Join our Info Session

Learn more about Integrify Academy, our Full Stack Development Training Program as well as the career opportunities we provide!

29.3.2023 AT 16:00
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Hear it from our graduates

Coming from all walks of life, our graduates have something in common: they decided to learn to code to become autonomous and use their new skills to pursue their dreams.

Fahad, Full Stack Graduate 2021

Fahad is one of our Full Stack graduates from 2021. Now Fahad shares how his developer career took a leap already during the program.

Csilla, Full Stack Graduate 2021

Csilla's journey with Integrify started back in 2021 when the pandemic was ongoing, and she was looking for a career change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can always reach out to us at academy.finland@integrify.io

Can I join the Integrify Academy if I am not located in Finland?  

Yes, we are currently offering our Academy in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

At the same time, we are actively expanding to other countries. You can learn more about our International Academy and future locations here.

What is the tuition fee in Finland?  

Our Academy is free of charge for all participants in Finland!

How can I apply to Integrify Academy?  

You can apply by filling out the application form here.

After applying, how soon can I expect to hear back from you?  

We strive to get back to all applicants within 2 weeks at the latest.

If you have not heard back from us in more than 2 weeks, we warmly encourage you to check the status of your application with our recruitment team: students@integrify.io.

Is Integrify Academy for beginners?  

Our Academy is not for newcomers to Software Development. We expect all applicants to be comfortable with building web-based applications with JavaScript or other programming stacks.

However, this should not discourage you from applying. We give everyone a fair chance in the recruitment process as long as you can show your passion for Software Development in your application.

How long does the program last?  

The programs in our Academy last up to 5 months.

Please note our team continues to match you to employment opportunities with our partner companies in Finland for additional 3 months after graduation.

How much time do I need to reserve?  

We have live lectures from 9 to 12 every workday followed by mentoring sessions and project work in the afternoons.

Most importantly, we expect you to commit to attending work interviews arranged for the duration of the program and after graduation.

Can I join on a part-time basis or in the evenings?  

We strongly prefer that all our participants can attend live lectures and follow-up work on most workdays.

What kind of work can I expect after completing Integrify Academy?  

Our team connects you to full-time and paid work as Software Engineers with our partner companies in Finland. We strongly consider your strengths and preferences to match you to the right opportunities.