Case: New website for Integrify


Company: Integrify

Team: 3 frontend developers, scrum master & product owner

Tech stack: React.js, Gatsby, GraphQL

As Integrify grows, we needed a new website to reflect the company and our current business model. Thankfully we had a house full of junior web developers eager to take on the challenge and build the new website from scratch using the latest technologies they had learned during the last 6 months. This was also a good opportunity to build a demo case and teach students how to build a website as we had the chance to use more different technologies and tools that would normally be needed.

Integrify's new website was built using Gatsby, GraphQL and React.js. The junior developers scoped the project, planned the sprints and worked endlessly to meet the deadlines. Naturally daily scrums were kept to inspect and synchronize the team's progress towards the sprint goal.

Several tools were used during the project. Storybook was used to visualize the components, Jest for testing and Flow for typechecking. For creating and managing content, contentful was used as content infrastructure.

The result was a responsive, component-based website with a modern design built on serverless architecture.