Talent Services: Tieto


Company: Tieto, a Nordic software and services company

Revenue: 1,6 mrd. €

Employees: 15 000 in over 20 countries

Developers from Integrify: 1

Tieto used Integrify's Talent Services to hire a software developer trained by Integrify for their CEM (Customer Experience Management) unit. CEM builds digital services with a holistic and design-driven approach to CX. Jani Partanen, UX Lead in CEM Commerce shared his experience of working with Integrify.

Why did Tieto partner with Integrify?

We often need developers on very short notice and we know that at Integrify developers are going through a pretty intense training, so Integrify is a really good choice for us. Also, foreign developers that have moved to Finland are usually really motivated which is the most important thing.

How many projects the developer from Integrify has been part of?

There has been only one project so far but our projects are huge and often last years. It is always possible to change projects if the developer wants it.

What kind of project Integrify developer has been working on?

  • Project: B2B e-commerce
  • Product: Hybris
  • Tech stack: SAP Hybris, jQuery, JavaScript, Less, JSP, Java
  • Customer: Manufacturing company with 1000-5000 employees
  • Team: 5-10 people, including an architect, a backend developer, frontend developers, AMS and project manager.