Talent Services: Spot-A-Shop


Company: Spot-A-Shop , a bargain discovery engine for online fashion and sportswear

Revenue: 1,3 M €

Tech stack: Next.js, React, Redux, Cypress, AWS Codepipeline, Zeit Now serverless deployments

Employees: 13

Developers from Integrify: 2

"We have been really happy with the enthusiasm and personal commitment of the developers we got through Integrify. Regular check-ups from Integrify in the progress of the developers has also helped in building trust." Iikka Winter, CTO

For a startup to succeed, getting the best talent to work on its product is vital. Integrify's talent services provide flexible options for startups from the most urgent short-term developer needs to more permanent solutions. In the case of Spot-a-Shop, the company decided to hire two developers directly to fulfill their long-term needs. Here's Spot-A-Shop's CTO Iikka telling more about the product the developers work on.

Why did Spot-A-Shop partner with Integrify?

We wanted to find dedicated, committed developers that we could help grow in their role for a lasting employment. We also wanted to take part in developing the Finnish community by helping the integration of immigrants

How many projects the developers from Integrify have been part of?

For the moment only the one bigger project our startup is working on.

What kind of project Integrify developers have been working on?

Our product is a discount website where consumers can find aggregated discounts for fashion from several retailers. Think Momondo of Fashion. We have 6 sites live and we’re constantly working to improve our product as well as the business. The frontend is built on a Next.js, React, Redux stack and is running on partly a PHP backend and partly a microservice serverless platform. We are also improving our own recommendation algorithm constantly. The team consists of three senior fullstack developers and two frontend developers and we use scrum methodologies.