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Integrify Recruitment Model

Competition for developers is growing rapidly and finding the best talent takes a lot of resources. Integrify Recruitment Model is an easy and risk-free way to add professionals to your team. It adapts to your resource needs and you can be confident you are hiring high-quality developers.

How Integrify Recruitment Model works


In need of great developers or engineers?

Let us know your needs; What kind of expertise do you need to strengthen your team? Integrify finds the best developer candidates for your and sends their CVs for you to look at.


How can I be sure the candidate is best for us?

We encourage our partners to interview Integrify’s candidates or even send a technical test. For us it is important that our partners are sure that Integrify’s Developers/ Engineers are matching the requirements they are looking for.


How do I proceed with recruitment?

You found a match from Integrify - Fantastic! Firstly, we will go trough a partnership contract together. Secondly, the chosen talent will jump to your team at an agreed date. We will also regularly check that everything is going smoothly.

Benefits of The Recruitment Model

Get access to specialized talent

Long training period using the latest technologies and work methods ensures the developers know what they are doing.

Flexible on-demand solutions

Hire on short notice and for tailor-made or open-ended projects.

Hit the ground running

Our experts are highly motivated IT-professionals with a “can do”-attitude. They are ready to take new challenges and jump straight away to your team and build your product or other development projects.

Add diversity to your team

Diversity and inclusion are one of Integrify’s core values. It is proven that diverse companies are more innovative, productive and effective than organizations that have not internalized these values. Add diversity to your team and see the results!


After the Integrify staffing contract is completed, you are welcome to hire our IT-expert directly to your company without any additional cost. 99% of our partners choose this as a risk-free option for a permanent recruitment.

Go around the headcount limitations

Flexible solution when headcount limitations are slowing down your team.