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Great Slogan

Great Slogan found Bikash, a full stack developer, to play a key role in many of their projects using Integrify’s Recruitment Model. In addition to working in frontend and backend roles, Bikash provided new perspectives and learnings to the team. download

From a recruitment experiment to a key role.

“We decided to be open-minded and try a new solution for our web developer recruitment needs with Integrify’s Recruitment Model. We didn’t have previous experience in using recruitment services to hire developers. The tech stack of the developer was not a 100% match to ours and that made us somewhat nervous in the beginning; however, we soon realized that our company was learning from him and even seeing new opportunities in a professional whose tech stack slightly varied from our own. Now the developer we recruited plays a key role in many projects, and thus we believe in future collaboration with Integrify.”

1. In what role does the recruited full stack developer work at?

The full stack developer we recruited has been working on both frontend and backend roles in various web application projects. In addition, he has provided valuable perspective to projects in matters related to architectural details, user interface and information security. In short, he has been a vital part of the whole team. 1600071219844

2. What technologies do you work with?

Bikash has worked with the following technologies: React.js, Vue.js, Typescript, Google Cloud & Firebase.

3. Why did Great Slogan choose to collaborate with Integrify?

It was very easy to start the collaboration with Integrify as we were able to agree about the next steps flexibly and decide on the model for recruitment in a way that made sense for both of us. The business developer from Integrify, Krista Nummela, has been very active in communicating with us and solving any open questions we might have had.

If you'd like to learn more about the Integrify Recruiment Model, don't hesitate to contact our Business Developer, Krista Nummila, via email address! We'd be happy to help you with your developer resourcing needs.