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“With the help of good problem solving skills, basic programming knowledge in modern frameworks and a “can do” attitude, Hoang became productive within weeks and was able to work independently on more difficult bigger tasks.”

1. In what role does the developer from Integrify work at in Arkkeo?

Hoang is working as a Full Stack Developer in our team, currently focusing mostly on our mobile app but slowly taking more responsibility for the backend as well. Hoang Tran

“My studies at Integrify helped me to prepare for the professional IT field. Working with Arkkeo is demanding and challenging in a good way because I want to deliver the product fast and reliably. Thanks to my training at Integrify, I was able to make meaningful contribution to Arkkeo almost immediately after I got onboard.”, Hoang, Full Stack developer at Arkkeo

2. What technologies does the developer from Integrify work with?

Our mobile app tech stack is React Native (Javascript) and the backend is Spring Boot (Java).

3. Why did Arkkeo decide to work with Integrify?

Integrify Recruitment Model is a convenient way to hire talented junior developers who have the potential to become seniors very quickly with a little bit of training. Arkkeo work

If you'd like to learn more about the Integrify Recruiment Model, don't hesitate to contact our Business Developer, Timy Kemmo, via email! We'd be happy to help you with your developer resourcing needs.