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    What does Integrify Academy provide?

    Integrify Academy offers a platform for international talent to improve their skills in software development or data science and machine learning. There’s no tuition fee. After finishing the Academy, we connect you with work in the field.

    When does the next course start?

    To find out the starting dates for the next Integrify Academy program, please visit our Integrify Academy homepage:

    How can I apply to Integrify Academy?

    To apply, please fill out the online form. We start going over the applications two months before a new program starts. More information on how to apply and link to the application form, can be found at

    How long do you save my application?

    Your application is valid for one year. However, we highly recommend you apply again when a new program is starting to provide us with updated information about your knowledge and skills.

    Why should I apply to Integrify Academy?

    If you are looking for a challenge, this is it! You get world-class, practical training in new technologies, work methods, and Finnish work culture for free of charge by some of the best developers in Finland. After you pass the skills requirements, we help you find work in the field either through the Integrify Recruitment Model or as an Integrify consultant.

    How much is the tuition fee?

    There’s no tuition fee i.e. the program is free of charge for all developers. We expect you to commit to our daily training and to accept possible job offers after graduation.

    Who can apply for the program?

    All software developers can apply to Integrify Academy.

    Do I need to speak Finnish?

    NO! We only expect you to speak fluent English.

    Do I need to be registered at the TE office as unemployed?

    No you don’t have to. Most of the people who apply for Integrify are either studying already at the University and/or working.

    Is Integrify Academy for beginners?

    At the moment we do not organize programs for beginners. Integrify Academy is focused on international talent that is already experienced in software development either through university studies or work. Follow our social media for updates on possible new programs.

    How are participants chosen?

    We do an overall assessment of your ability to join the program. We base our decisions on your application, online test, and both interpersonal and technical interviews. The selection is based on technological skills, the right attitude, motivation to study every day at least for 8 hours, and excellent English language skills.

    How can I check what is the status of my application?

    We have hundreds of applicants for each course. Hence, we highly hope you don’t contact us about your status but give the HR Associate peace to work. We will contact you if you have advanced to the next round in the application process. If you didn’t get selected this time, you will receive an email before the program starts.

    How can I increase my chances of getting selected for the program?

    Study hard and make sure your GitHub is in order. Focus on the application and online test. Come prepared for the interviews.

    What if I don’t have a GitHub account?

    It’s always a good idea to create one. If you get selected for the program, that is one of the first things you will do. However, if during the application period you still don’t have one you can share a link to your portfolio or some project you have finished.

    Do I get an official certification for participating in Integrify Academy?

    Integrify is not an accredited education provider and as a result, we can’t provide an official certification or diploma of your studies. We do however, provide you a fast-track to your next employment opportunity. And work experience always triumphs official certifications.

    Can I do Integrify Academy as part of an internship for my university?

    Yes, you can. We have many developers who have done their internships in the Full Stack program.

    How often do I have school?

    Every weekday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We expect people who join the program to commit to attend training every day.

    Do you have any part-time or evening programs?

    No, all our programs take place during working hours (09:00 - 17:00).

    Can I study remotely?

    Yes, the Full Stack Program is organized online.

    What are the requirements for graduation?

    You attend the training daily, finish your assignments, and participate in team projects. We’ll test your skills rigorously to make sure that you are keeping up with the intensive pace. You will also have to pass a final test.

    What happens after I finish the Academy?

    After you pass the skills requirements (this can happen already before graduation) Integrify’s team of business developers gets to work. They look for suitable positions for you to connect you with job opportunities via the Integrify Recruitment Model or as Integrify's own consultant.

    Can you guarantee I get a job?

    We can’t guarantee a job for anybody. Getting a job depends on many factors including how hard you work, your skills, and the situation at the job market. However, 80% of the graduates are working as developers and data scientists in Finland. By working hard you can increase your chances of employment.

    Am I eligible for student benefits or other Kela benefits while studying at Integrify?

    This depends on your situation. Many of our students receive Independent education benefits from Kela. If you are doing your studies as part of your education at a University (i.e. internship) you are eligible for Study grant from Kela.

    How does the COVID-19 situation affect the studies?

    At the moment all our programs are organized remotely.