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  • The next full-stack training program starts on Monday the 31st of August 2020.
  • The next Data Science & Machine Learning program starts in October 2020.

From an international talent to an in-demand software developer

Integrify provides an intensive world-class software development program teaching motivated and international talent with modern software development and connecting them with work as junior web developers. It takes on average 5 years even for the driven and capable international talent to get a low-skilled job. At the same time, Europe is missing over 800 000 developers. Integrify tackles this problem by producing junior software developers into the job market and enabling integration through technology.



Students selected from hundreds of applicants on the basis of interviews and coding tests.


Daily skill training and tech education by working each day for eight hours (9-to-5).


Empower and integrate through work. Skill & job matching. Job access through partners and network.

Multi-month intensive training programmes

Our education has been developed in collaboration with academia and company partners. Its pragmatic approach ensures that the graduates will be well equipped for work as junior web developers.

Pragmatic Schooling

Class from 9 - 17. In total 1 000+/1 500+ hours of coding.

Experienced teachers

Our teachers have years of software development experience

State of the art tech

Web: JS, React, Redux, Node, Express, MongoDB. ML: Python, Data Science, Machine Learning.

Other skills development

Communication, teamwork, agile, scrum, and Finnish way of working

Standardized curricula

Highly detailed curriculum that can easily be accessed through Trello

Behind the scenes

Our programs rely on face-to-face teaching and rigorous 8 hour days. Students attend lectures, carry out assignments and work on real-life agile team projects.

Our curriculums are planned in collaboration with tech companies to match the needs of companies and ensure our students learn the in-demand technologies. Projects simulate real work-life and teach the students collaboration and agile development skills.


09:00-10:00Code review in pairs
10:00-10:20Daily scrum meeting
12:00-12:45Lunch break
14:45-15:00Coffee break

Course graduates

Read what the students have to say about us!

In the course of our journey through life, the right opportunity could change one's life for the best. In just a few months at Integrify, I had learned, designed and built stuff I never could have imagined. The experience has been wonderful and it also landed my dream job.

It has been the most efficient summer of my life. I got to learn a lot of things, from basic core concepts to modern web technologies. With the help of the teachers, we developed our skills with our own projects, then collaborated in group projects. In addition, we attended tech event almost every week.

Despite having previous programming experience, 6 months of education at Integrify tremendously enhanced my programming capabilities. The program is carefully planned and taught by teachers with years of experience.

Getting the chance to study at Integrify was a big turning point in my life. From the very beginning, I understood that it’s will be hard work. The course was intensive and we had an assignment after an assignment. But it landed my dream job and for that I'm forever grateful.

To me, Integrify is much more than just a coding academy. It’s an empowering community and a supportive family amongst whom I’ve experienced the bright side of the tech world, where gender biases, stereotypes, and pre-defined roles have no place, where we are learning to code in order to make a difference and to shape a better future.

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