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Sales Internship at Integrify - Yannick Stastny

Yannick_2 Yannick Stastny, our Sales Intern, said goodbye to the Integrify team after finishing up his internship two weeks ago. Over the three months he was with us, he had the opportunity to experience it all. From working with the sales team creating market research plans, to working with marketing to create social media insights, Yannick was a much needed asset to our team at Integrify.

As a parting gift, Yannick shared some of his learnings during his time with us in the form of this blog post.

In his own words, Yannick gives us a peek into his time at Integrify; what his role entailed, what he experienced, and more importantly, some of the reasons why he thinks Integrify is a great place to work.

Why Integrify was a great place to do my internship

By working for Integrify, I have joined a great international community consisting of IT professionals, teachers, coders and a great sales team. To be an intern at Integrify means to have a lot of responsibility and involvement in many important projects and tasks. It also means the possibility to learn new things on a daily basis, from the IT industry and technologies, to the Finnish market - you learn a lot.

After my three month internship at Integrify, I can now truly say that no day was like the other.

What did I do during my internship and how did I fit into the bigger picture?

My time as an intern was spent being a part of many exciting projects. One of them was conducting a market research study about relevant peer companies. This was very exciting for me because, being originally from Germany, I had the chance to analyse in detail how Finnish companies are conducting business. I was able to work independently most of the time to then discuss and evaluate ideas and concepts together with my manager. The work that I was doing was very relevant for the team as I was involved in all of the meetings and the workshops; I felt more like an employee rather than an intern.


What were my key learnings?

Having worked for big corporations before, working for a startup company was a great experience. In big companies there exists an established process for almost everything. At Integrify, the team decides what are the goals to be achieved and then ways are found on how to get there. What impressed me most was this extreme pull that was created when the company decided on a goal. I learnt that many great things are achievable, but it needs a good team with creative ideas, a great concept and some effort.

Integrify helped me see several challenges that need to be addressed in our society: while international people and immigrants need to be integrated, on the other side, companies need to become more international and diverse. Integrify is offering solutions to address those challenges and by being a profit-oriented company, they try to solve these problems in the most effective way possible. Integrify showed me that being a profit-oriented company and being a socially responsible company is more complementary rather than contradictory - or in short - it is what is needed.

Some final words

Overall, it was absolutely fun to work with this great team and being a member of this great community. Therefore I highly recommend working for Integrify.

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