What it's like to study at Integrify - student story


Integrify graduate Dita from the August 2018 Class shares her story and what it's like to study at Integrify and land that dream job as a junior developer.

"I first stumbled upon Integrify at a blog post in Medium. From the start, I really liked the idea of enabling integration through technology. I was sad to notice that the application period had just ended but because I had nothing to lose, I sent the application anyway. A few days later I was doing an interview and a live coding test at the Integrify office. I was jumping from happiness on the day I got accepted to study coding at Integrify - it was such a big turning point in my life.

From day one, I felt very welcomed and I had a good feeling about my future. I also understood that it was going to be hard and intensive work, every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. learning new things. We started our studies from the beginner level with HTML and CSS but quickly moved to JavaScript and other more advanced technologies and methods. We had an assignment after an assignment and to be honest it was pretty intense. Every morning we started with a code review. It gave us the possibility to see other people’s solutions to the same problem and learn to understand other people’s code. After the code review, we had a daily scrum meeting where everybody shared their progress and struggles on the current assignment. This gave the students a chance to ask for help from more advanced students but also gave us a feeling that we are not alone in our struggles as many people often had the same problem. I was super lucky to have such great course mates. Everyone was really helpful and supportive. We tried to boost each other when feeling down and didn’t give up during the more difficult times.

Every day we also had a lesson given by our awesome teacher and the afternoon was spent coding. We also used a lot of time doing team projects. On one project I started in the design team and then moved to the frontend team. This project gave me a real work-life experience on how to work with different branches in the repository, create pull requests and review other people’s pull requests as well as how to follow one code style. In addition, we had to meet strict deadlines and learn the important skill of how to be a team player.

The 6 months went by really quickly and finally, it was time to graduate. It was really exciting to be selected as one of the top students. One part was over and the next big step was to get ready for job interviews and to land that dream job. A big thank you goes to the Integrify team that supported us and worked so hard to make our dreams come true. Honestly, the month getting ready for jobs interviews, doing them, doing second-round interviews and waiting to hear back was pretty nerve-wracking. It was a lucky Monday that I finally got that magical email that all the hard work had paid off and Tieto CEM offered me a job as a software developer. I don’t have enough words to explain how extremely happy I was and I still can’t believe it because it’s a dream come true."

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Dita at the graduation party with her class mates and Minister of the Interior Kai Mykkänen.