Integrify Demo Day #2


Integrify's second Demo Day achieved remarkable success! Integrify's soon-to-be graduated junior web developers gave presentations of their latest projects and met up with almost 20 companies. In addition to their programming skills the developers showed their business skills and conducted job interviews on the spot.

We are excited to present a few of the projects the students presented.

Finnish and European Elections Candidate Website

Client: Ajak Majok

Developer and Designer: Xurxe

Tech Stack: CSS, React.js, Gatsby.js, Contentful, GraphQL, Netlify

The website:

Demo Day Presentation Slides:

Ajak Majok is a 21-year old Finnish politician, activist, dancer, fashion designer, and stand-up comedian. She was recently running with Vasemmisto for both the Finnish and European parliamentary elections, so I made her a campaign website that she will continue to use going forward.

I made version 1.0 of her site with only HTML and CSS, after I had been learning web development for 2 weeks; later, I completely rebuilt the project when I had been learning React and Gatsby for a week and had never used Contentful, GraphQL, or Netlify before. Although the tech stack changed, the styles remained almost the same, because we were both extremely happy with the design I created the first time around.

The client wanted a bold image featuring a particular shade of purple and lots of photos. Being a developer and UX designer with a focus on accessibility, I wanted to deliver on her needs while centering accessibility features such as visual contrast, alt texts, focus styles, keyboard navigation, and necessary ARIA attributes. With version 2.0, I also crafted a content management system that allows my client full control over her content without compromising the integrity of her site,


DSC 4835-11-2

Finlary - Learning Finnish Vocabulary App

Client: For personal use

Developer team: Dean, Phuc, and Johanna

Tech stack: React, Node.js, MongoDB, Firebase, Netlify, Heroku


Learning Finnish is not the easiest thing to do while working or studying at the same time. Motivating and efficient way to learn anytime anywhere is something that would be beneficial for foreigners living in Finland.

Finlary - Learning Finnish Vocabulary App was built for this purpose. We wanted to create a clean, simple and user-friendly app based on the UX and UI design that would suit for everyone who wants to learn Finnish.

With Finlary, the user is able to search vocabulary and then listen and watch it in video to learn how the Finnish word is used in the context. Our database has over 70 subtitled videos from Yle Areena and for now, the app is only for Integrify students’ own learning purposes because of the copyright issues with Yle.

The most important features in the app:

  • Listening the word from a video: Our data can be accessed worldwide based on our selection of Finnish videos that can be seen everywhere in the world.
  • The database of 2000 most frequent words: The goal is that by learning these words the user will be able to understand most of the spoken Finnish language.
  • Saving the vocabulary/sentences in a separate list to follow the learning progress.
  • Log in account feature: Keeps users synchronized with all of their devices whether they use mobile, tablet or desktop.

We used React for the frontend and Node.js, MongoDB, Firebase for the backend. All the technologies were new to the team when we started the project so it was also a learning process for all the team members. As a team, we used Github to collaborate, divide tasks, and control the workflow. We had three weeks to make the project so we had daily scrum meetings to control the work process and to stay in schedule.


DSC 4820-11-3

Eventify - Event Manager App

Client: Integrify

Developers: Sulaymon, Adrien, Phuc

Tech Stack: React.js, Redux, Firebase, Adobe XD, Netlify

Link to the beta version:


In the midst of busy daily work-life, employees would like to socialize and organize corporate events and hangouts with each other to ease out the work stress and achieve work-life balance. Organizing and managing events within a corporate setting have usually being a top-down effort which means that employees have to usually wait for the HR or the admin to organize some corporate social events. With our gamechanger Eventify app, any employee of any role can now create, manage and organize corporate events with their colleagues. Our app is ready for customization for any organization that might be interested.

Find out about how we developed the app, its important features, tools and tech stack that we used and our feature updates.

Important features

Eventify makes creating and managing corporate events super easy. With a click of a button on the dashboard, you can create and manage different kinds of corporate events where you and any of your colleagues can decide to opt in or out with real-time data updates of who is attending the events from the event info page.

Users have the power to edit or delete any event they created themselves. The attending page gives users one clean surface to see all the events they have decided to attend in one place.

We considered the aesthetic, simple and elegant design and ease of use as top priorities in our app design.

Technologies and project management

Adobe XD was used as our design and prototyping tool. This tool helped us achieve a clear path of how our app should look and feel like. The Adobe XD helped us achieve both the UI and UX aspects of our project

React.js was at the center of our tech stack since it is a powerful technology to achieve highly scalable app with possibility of breaking down the entire app into modules and components and which in turn ease our workflow (no waiting period for one developer to finish one part in order to continue), we can all work together on different components of the app at the same time then put everything together at the end into a single app. React.js also helped with performance due to virtual DOM rendering possibility.

Redux helped us achieve proper state management for different state components from our app. Firebase helped us achieve easy to set up back end solution with the power of real time data updates on our app, no need to reload any page to get the latest updates.

Netlify helped us focus on our app development rather than thinking so much on deployment hassles, due to this reason, we chose Netlify as our easy deployment solution.

We used GitHub to manage our code base and achieve effective collaboration for the during our development.

In terms of the project management, we used agile project management approach. We used Slack for quick and short communication within the team and Trello was our favorite tool during our scrum meetings to effectively manage the project to keep track of the deliverables, important meetings and targets.

Feature updates We plan to add more exciting features to our app in the future. Some of the additional features already in the pipeline include in app and email event notifications and reminder feature, share buttons to invite other colleagues and many more.

Remember to check our app out at

Have fun using Eventify app!


DSC 4831-11

Integrify is really proud of all our junior web developers who presented and gave their best during the second Demo Day! They were able to handle their studies while at the same time building their products. The products were inventive and came out of actual challenges the developers had faced.

Who wouldn't want developers like this on their team! The developers are available for interviews starting now!

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