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NREP supports Integrify’s Data Science & Machine learning program with EUR 30,000

Integrify has received a EUR 30,000 donation from the N-Power fund. The donation goes towards Integrify’s Data Science & Machine Learning training program with a goal of training and finding employment to 60 experts.

The donation is first in Finland for the N-Power Fund. The fund is managed by a Nordic real estate investor and developer NREP. NREP donates annually an impressive 10% of its profits to charity through its N-Power fund.

“We have followed Integrify closely for a long time and want to support the important work they do in Finland. Integrify’s work and accomplishments are an excellent example of activities that efficiently address societal problems. We now challenge other companies to make a donation and support young talent – let’s work together to ensure that this project gets completed,” says Jani Nokkanen, CIO and Partner at NREP.

The donation is directed towards the ongoing Machine Learning and Data Science program that trains 60 experts and connects them with work as data scientists and machine learning engineers. Some of the participants are already employed in companies including Nokia, CGI, and Ericsson. The program has received funding from the EU, Weisell - foundation, KAUTE foundation, Integrify, and now, the N-Power fund. After NREP’s donation, Integrify is still looking for further 30,000 euros in order to complete the program.

“We are extremely grateful to NREP for the trust they have shown towards our program. N-Power’s donation opens a completely new path to finishing the program. We hope that NREP’s example will inspire other potential donors so that we can complete the project and secure employment for 60 new AI experts in Finland,” says Integrify’s founder and CEO Daniel Rahman.

To date over 200 talented people have started in Integrify’s training programs with 80% of the graduates working as developers and data scientists. Untapping the potential of international talent in Finland as well as the shortage of workforce in the ICT sector are acute challenges in Finland. The growing use and need for applications that utilize data science and machine learning and the lack of skilled employees with knowledge of these methods create a costly problem in the Finnish ICT-sector with regards to innovation and growth. The program aims to address both of these challenges with our unique training model.

Full stack class studying behind the glass

We want to thank NREP for their generous donation for the program. NREP is the first corporate donor of the program. The donation is especially important amidst the COVID-19 crisis and rising unemployment that hits our community particularly hard.