Integrify's first Demo Day


Integrify's first Demo Day was a great success! Integrify's latest batch of graduated junior web developers gave presentations of their latest projects and met up with 20 companies. Feedback was great, as one company recruiter said, "if I could hire everyone I've talked with, I would".

Get to know few of the projects the students presented:

Parliamentary Election Candidate Website

Client: Parliamentary Election Candidate Website

Developer Team: Antonija (team leader and developer), Kiet (developer), HyeSoo (developer)

Tech stack: React.js, Gatsby, GraphQL

A Parliamentary Election Candidate needed a website for his campaign so he asked Integrify’s top students to participate in the project. We were excited to gain valuable experience of working on a real-life project in a team. The deadline for the project was only a month away so we invested our complete energy and time into meeting the deadline and effectively fulfilling all the requirements.

We received a mockup from the designer and separated the website into reusable React components. We built the website using Gatsby, Storybook to visualize the components and Contentful and GraphQL to allow the client to be able to edit the content on his own. In the end, we optimized the website to be fast and accessible.

We used agile method and did daily scrum meetings to keep track of our progress and re-evaluate our steps if needed. Through dedicated and well-organized teamwork we managed to deliver the product on time and make the client happy.

The result is an attractive, responsive serverless website that is easy to share across social media.

Screenshot 2019-03-22 at 14.22.15

Blog Platform

Client: Personal project

Developer team: Tata

Tech Stack: Javascript, React.js, Redux, Node.js, Express, MongoDB

We all know that well-designed websites with good navigation improve communicating your message, but unfortunately for many companies, this is not the situation. I tackled this problem by creating this blog application, which can also be used in a company intranet while having a focus on the hot topic of user experience. For example on the front-end, I created smooth, seamless one-page transitions with React.

However, I did not only focus on the visual side of things in this project. For these kinds of websites where content can be created at increasing rates, having a scalable and strong back-end is a must. Thus, I created a scalable document-oriented database with MongoDB that is able to handle growing amounts of data, while maintaining good performance - these shorter loading times lead to a better user experience too!


Fudo - food recipe app

Client: Personal business project

Developer: Anuj

Tech Stack: CSS3, Bootstrap, React.js, Redux

Lots of leftover ingredients in the fridge go to waste just because the people don't know how to turn it into something amazing. All the bits and pieces of the food in the kitchen can add up to make something appetizing. The Fudo app works so that the user just inputs all the leftover food ingredients and the amount in the form field and finds out what can be made out of it. The user will not just eat healthily, he will also be more economical, responsible to the environment and also be more creative.

The Fudo web app was made keeping user-interface and easy accessibility in mind. There’s no login required to find the recipes. The user can also contribute to the Fudo app by opening his own channel where he can share personal recipes and menus and gain followers.

React was used as the main frontend technology, CSS as a styling tool, bootstraps for responsiveness and Redux as a state-management tool.

Fudo app wants to change user’s eating habits and the user to be a foodie! The app will be launched to the public soon.

Screenshot 2019-03-22 at 15.40.45

All the junior developers gave their best during the Demo Day and it really showed. They were able to finish their demos in a short period of time, gave wonderful presentations, answered to technical questions like the experts they are and kept their smile on during this whole time. Who wouldn't want developers like this on their team! The developers are available for interviews starting now.