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Integrify Graduate Stories: Meet Juwon, Software Engineer at Visma Consulting

Integrify has organized many programs in software development which dozens of international talent in Finland have attended with the hopes of finding a job that they truly deserve with the credentials they have. Many have come and gone since our founding days, so we thought to catch up with some of the alumni. Continuing our Alumni series is Olujuwon Alabi, who has been a part of Integrify since our very first program.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Olujuwon, people call me Juwon for short. I’m originally from Nigeria, I moved to Finland in 2014 for my Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Åbo Academi.

During my studies, I took a course in software development and became increasingly interested in becoming a developer. That’s why after the course, I continued to study by myself in Python and Javascript. Then I found Integrify and decided to join their Web Development program.

Juwon 1

How did you enjoy your studies at Integrify?

It was good. For me, Integrify provided a strong foundation and a platform that filled the skill gap that my months of self-study could not fill. I got the chance to improve my skills by working in projects, scrums, and the daily work of a software developer that I couldn’t have learned through Youtube or other online classes. Obviously, Integrify can’t cover every aspect of software development, because the program only lasts for 6 months.

But we as individuals have to keep our eyes opened all the time for new learning opportunities, we have to keep learning and polish our skills even after the program.

Juwon 2

Did you face any challenges during your studies?

Yes of course. The 6-month program was quite intensive. After finishing my classes at 5 PM, I still had to go to work in the evening.

It was difficult for sure, but I had a goal to not continue doing meanial jobs with a degree of my calibre.

What are you up to now?

I’m working as a Software Engineer at Visma Consulting, which is a service company focusing on IT consulting and software solutions. My department is Visma Sign, which offers electronic signature software for two types of users; I focus on the B2B side. Here I learned a lot about project management, software quality, and coding standards.

I also have my own projects going on to improve my skills even more. One of them is a mobile app for on-demand delivery which should be launched soon, so I really look forward to that. In this project, I’m the main tech guy so I work on every aspect of the technical side, but mostly on the Backend.

Juwon 3

Any advice for those who are pursuing this career?

Be dynamic and be ready to learn new things. Work on your soft skills as much as your technical skills because you will always need to work in teams, so you need to be able to communicate and present yourself in a proper manner.

What’s the next big goal for you?

Becoming a Software Architect. I find it’s very interesting and challenging because it’s not just coding, it’s also about planning and communicating with businesses and clients. It’s technology, business and management put into one, which I think is very exciting.

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