Demo Day Projects


Integrify's first Demo Day was organized a few weeks ago. At the Demo Day, junior web developers presented their projects to potential future employers and talked about job opportunities. What a perfect start for the interview season!

See the short Demo Day video and read about the two projects presented at the event in this blog. You can get to know the other three projects on our previous blog post.

Full-stack Gallery App

Client: Personal capstone project

Developer: Steven

Source code: Fullstack-gallery-app

Tech stack: React, Redux, Nodejs, Express, Mongodb, OAuth2.0, Passport.js

The Full-stack gallery app is a demo application for the purpose of learning full-stack Javascript development. This app was developed to serve as a capstone project for learning the respective technology stack. At the start of the project, some of the challenges include; sending data between the frontend and backend, using Redux for state management, managing file uploads and authentication using Oauth2.0.

The first iteration of the project was completed within a week to showcase at the Demo Day. It introduced all the basic features of a gallery application such as:

  • View all photos
  • Login with google account
  • View own profile and own photos
  • Add new photos
  • Comment on photos
  • Delete photos

The project features React as the frontend framework of choice for its component-based nature. It promotes reusability of components, hence, less code and better performance. This leads to an overall better user and developer experience. On the backend, there's Javascript running on Nodejs server using the Express framework. Node JS is a JavaScript runtime environment. It is scalable and has excellent community support. For storing data MongoDB was used and for authentication OAuth2.0 which has been the industry standard in the past few years.

Overall this project was a great learning experience and a fun presentation to showcase at the Demo Day.

Photo of photo gallery app website

Client: Integrify

Developer team: Yazan, Antonija, Kiet

Tech stack: React.js, Gatsby, GraphQL

Integrify's new website was built using Gatsby, GraphQL and React.js. The developer team scoped the project based on design, planned the sprints and worked endlessly to meet the deadlines. Naturally daily scrums were kept to inspect and synchronize the team's progress towards the sprint goal.

Several tools were used during the project. Storybook was used to visualize the components, Jest for testing and Flow for type-checking. For creating and managing content, contentful was used as content infrastructure.

The result was a responsive, component-based website with a modern design built on serverless architecture.

Photo of homepage

Tech talk and happy faces at Demo Day