Apply to our Data Science and Machine Learning Training Program!


We are looking for motivated people to join our 6-month data science and machine learning program! The program is both rewarding and challenging and it will provide you the tools to succeed in this field. This means intensive days at Integrify Academy with talented instructors and quality study materials to keep you on track. After the program, we connect you with work opportunities in our partner companies.

ML 2

What do you get?

  • Train your skills in Python, Data Science, Cloud and ML
  • Take part in a fast-paced pragmatic education consisting of lectures, individual assignments, daily scrum and project work
  • Work in interesting team projects that are led by Integrify’s own developers
  • Build your collaboration and teamwork skills
  • Learn agile development methodologies
  • Get help in landing your first job

Previous curriculum (will be adjusted based on the skills of selected participants)

  • Programming in Python
  • Data cleaning, analysis, and visualization (Pandas, NumPy, Python, Matplotlib & Seaborn)
  • SQL databases
  • Building Machine Learning models
  • Applying machine learning methods (regression, classification, clustering, dimensionality reduction) with Scikit-learn
  • Applying deep learning methods with Keras and Pytorch
  • Evaluate and Diagnose Machine Learning methods
  • Formulating business cases as Machine Learning problems.

ML 1

Who are we looking for?

  • Basic knowledge of Python, or R and Mathematics ( e.g. Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability, Statistics).
  • Higher-education background. You have at least started your studies at the University or the University of Applied Sciences, whether in Finland or back home.
  • Good command of the English language and good communication skills
  • Ability to commit to the course (every weekday from 9-17)
  • Your career goal is to become a data analyst, data engineer or machine learning engineer.

ML 3

About Integrify education programs

All of our education programs are based on our proven model backed by science and contributions by tech companies.

  • Daily training from 9-17
  • Emphasis on learning by doing - the students start coding from day 1.
  • Continous feedback - Integrify’s teachers are always present to help solve problems and review code.
  • A normal day simulates a real workday as much as possible and hence in addition to lectures consists of coding, daily scrum, agile development, and code review.
  • Curriculums are created in collaboration with tech companies to increase the relevance of education and as a result likelihood of employment.
  • The importance of peer-learning.
  • Working on real-life projects.

The program is based in Helsinki, Finland and starts on March 16th. Please apply directly via by February 20th!

Application process

  1. Apply via our website
  2. You’ll get a link to an online test
  3. Please reserve some time and do the test carefully
  4. Based on the application letter and the test results, we’ll invite the most promising candidates for an interview. If you are chosen for an interview, you will receive an email from us.
  5. The student selection is made based on the application, online test results, and interview. We will inform all the applicants via email on whether they are selected or not.